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Let’s Be Honest…

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

With the way they’ve played lately is it possible John Calipari, head coach at Kentucky, could finally win the NCAA tournament with a team of his fabulous freshmen?

Duke’s late game heroics are thrilling but how far will playing like that get them in the NCAA tourney?

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Waving the White Towel on The Redskins

The Washington Redskins were once a proud and revered football franchise.  Since Dan Snyder took over the team in 1999 they have become a laughing stock.  Dan Snyder’s moves have become things of legend, overpaying free agents that were on their last legs, firing Marty Schottenheimer after one 8-8 season, hiring Steve Spurrier, re-hiring Joe Gibbs who’d been out of football for a decade.  And of course, the Jim Zorn era.  It goes on and on and on and on.  But fans were told “it’s a new day and new era” and Dan was finally going to get out of the way and let football people come in and take over: Enter Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan.  Redskins fans were led to believe that these proven football minds would come in and change the culture, reverse the franchises woes, and lead them back to the glory days.  Soooooooooooo, how’s that working out?

First, you have the Albert Haynesworth debacle (see previous post on the fatty).  Then there’s Donovan McNabb.  Donovan was brought to Washington to replace Jason Campbell whom Shanahan didn’t think could lead the team.  After 11 years, Philadelphia was willing to part with their long-time starter and trade him within the division (RED FLAG).  Donovan has struggled mightily this year.  Most famously he was replaced by backup Rex Grossman with two minutes remaining in a close game against the Lions.  You can see how well that worked out below.

At 5-8 you would think they wouldn’t make news but they always find a way.  Today we learn Rex Grossman will be the starter when the Redskins face the rival Dallas Cowboys in Dallas.  This game is virtually meaningless to everyone but Redskins and Cowboys fans.  To them, this means the season.  So why is Mike Shanahan sending the “we don’t care” message?  Why aren’t they putting Donovan Mcnabb out there?  No matter how bad he is, isn’t he better than Rex Grossman (go ahead and play that clip again to refresh your memory)?

I hate to sound like it’s time to give up but I’m over Shanahan already.  I don’t care if he has two rings; John Elway and Terrell Davis aren’t walking through the door tomorrow.  It might be time to start over.  Again.  Leaving Skins fans to feel like this:


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