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Let’s Be Honest…

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The ratings for the NFL Draft dropped from last year.  David Stern needs to take note, if the NFL Draft loses fan interest with labor strife, the NBA would fall completely off the map.

After being drafted overall #1 by the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton proved his country roots by saying, “it’s not going to be instant like instant grits. It’s going to be like collard greens” with regards to his impact on the team.  Oh Cam.  Something tells me the media is going to LOVE covering him.

I think the display of emotion by Von Miller and Mark Ingram at the NFL Draft was beautiful. Wouldn’t you be feeling some kind of way if you were going to be a millionaire or heard an emotional message from your father in jail? Have a heart folks.

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How Far Is Too Far?

The University of Alabama and Auburn University have one of the most historic rivalries in all of sports dating back to 1893 when they faced each other in football for the first time.   The rivalry is so fierce it  was rated by Sports Illustrated as the 2nd biggest rivalry in the world of sports (Yankees and Red Sox being number 1).  The Iron Bowl, the annual football match up between the two schools, often decides who will represent the SEC Western Division in the SEC Championship game and the last two years the winner has won the BCS National Championship. Read the rest of this entry »


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Let’s Be Honest…

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports

Lebron has missed a few games with a sprained ankle will the rest of the world realize the Heat is one injury away from being the Bucks?

Duke lost for the first time but you think they’ll still take the ACC in a landslide?

Either you love Duke or you hate Duke.  Has any team been more polarizing in sports? Read the rest of this entry »

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Reactions From a BCS Championship

Here are our thoughts of last night’s BCS National Championship:

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORINGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Robin started to stare into space in the second half, Alba was over it as soon as it started.

There were so many turnovers! What? Was this a game of hot potato? Read the rest of this entry »


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