Let’s Be Honest…

30 Apr

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports

Andrew Bynum, of the Lakers, recorded a triple-double with a 10 point, 13 rebound, and 10 block performance on Sunday. But does anyone believe he can keep up the intensity on defense?

The Memphis Grizzlies looked to be coasting to a game one blowout victory late Sunday night but the Los Angeles Clippers, led by Nick Young (NICK YOUNG!!), came back from 27 down to win by one.

The Knicks didn’t show up against the Heat on Saturday…*Forrest Gump voice* and that’s all we have to say about that.

Our fave player that we love to hate, LeBron James, showcased his acting skills on this “flagrant” foul by NY’s Tyson Chandler. Bravo!

Injuries were a dominant story early in the NBA postseason with Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert both tearing the ACLs.  Perhaps playing 66 games in 123 days isn’t conducive to remaining healthy.

Critics made a big deal of Derrick Rose being in the game with a 12 point lead and a little over a minute to go but after seeing what happened in Memphis, can you really make that argument?

Rajon Rondo was ejected for bumping a referee in Game 1 of the Celtics versus the Hawks.  Considering he got 2 games earlier in the season for throwing a ball at a referee there’s a good chance he won’t be playing in game 2.

With Rose out and Rondo likely suspended shouldn’t the Miami Heat cruise into the NBA Finals?

Apparently, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, takes special requests when it comes to congratulating the newest members of the NFL.

Andrew Luck has definitely shown that not only is he deserving of the #1 pick but he’s also a down to earth guy with his $10 Samsung flip phone, which he wouldn’t allow his agent to replace (not to mention sharing a Honda Accord with his sister and using a bike to get around campus). With a multi-million dollar contract only days away we’re thinking he’ll join the iPhone generation soon, or at least get a touch screen.

Surprisingly, the suit selections at the 2012 NFL Draft were very tame.

Well, there was one quite interesting color combo choice from none other than Mr. Redskins, RG III (we won’t discuss the hair, this time).

Oh, and let’s not forget the socks. It’s always about the socks.

Now go catch your dream!

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