Let’s Be Honest…

23 Apr

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Sorry Ron Artest World Peace, we don’t believe you when you say this elbow to James Harden’s head was an accident. Most people would stop after an accident and check on the person they hit, not sprint to the other end of the floor to defend themselves in the upcoming fight.

The Charlotte Bobcats have lost 20 games in a row and are on their way to the worst winning percentage in NBA history.  Their owner, Michael Jordan, was one of the most competitive players in history, how can he sleep at night knowing this is his doing?

If you’re Marvin Williams of the Atlanta Hawks, you live every day with people wishing you were Chris Paul or Deron Williams.  When you make end of game plays like this one, you make it too easy for the naysayers.

Let the real NFL Draft countdown begin! All speculation will come to an end on Thursday night. If you didn’t catch DJ Steve Porter’s draft remix on ESPN check it out:

In a “that was sure dumb” move, potential draft pick Alfonzo Dennard was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. Smooth move buddy, guess it’s best to have conduct issues before Roger Goodell can lay the smack down on your playing career.

One of the NFL’s most passionate players, Brian Dawkins, announced his retirement on Twitter. He was an inspiration to everyone he encountered. (Twitter is now the platform to announce career moves and get your up to date info, get on it)

The first named defendant in the NFL concussion suit, Ray Easterling, shot himself on Thursday.  This makes the second former player associated with the concussion issue to commit suicide. We hope the league sees the connection and does what’s right for the players.

It’s great to see the support shown for Arkansas’ Athletic Director, Jeff Long. He had a tough choice to make in firing Bobby Petrino. (Robin wants one)

Wisconsin finally did the right thing and allowed freshman basketball player, Jarrod Uthoff, to transfer to any school outside of the Big Ten as a result of public outcry and coach Bo Ryan sounding like a fool on Mike and Mike.

Is baseball getting interesting for those who aren’t just a serious baseball fan? The Washington Nationals are doing well, the Red Sox aren’t, a virtual unknown pitches a no-hitter for the White Sox…can these things continue throughout the lengthy baseball season?

The #1 seed Vancouver Canucks were knocked out of the NHL Playoffs by the #8 seed LA Kings.  Thankfully, there was no violence in Vancouver this year.

Pat Summit was elevated to the position of Head Coach Emeritus at the University of Tennessee after 38 years as head coach.  Our prayers are with her as she battles Alzheimer’s disease.  She will be sorely missed on the sidelines.


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