Let’s Be Honest…

09 Apr

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Isn’t it interesting that as soon as it was clear Tiger was out of the running at the Masters the announcers began to elevate Phil while downing Tiger?

Congrats to Bubba Watson for winning the green jacket on the 2nd playoff hole.  We bet you never associated the name Bubba with golf.  Of course the redneck jokes have already started about what he’ll select for the Masters champion dinner.

Bobby Petrino was in a motorcycle accident while giving a ride to his 25 year old mistress, who’d just been hired in the Arkansas athletic department the week prior.  We’re sure Atlanta Falcons fans are calling this entire incident karma.

Audio recordings were released (possibly unauthorized, i.e. illegal) of Gregg Williams “motivating” his Saints’ players against the San Francisco 49ers, with targets of specific players. Perhaps this is why Williams has chosen not to appeal.

Warren Sapp called Jeremy Shockey a snitch, which may have led to his contract not being renewed with the NFL Network.  Now he’s claiming bankruptcy.  How many times will we hear the story of athletes losing it all before they realize they need to be careful with their finances?

Sapp counts 240 pairs of Jordan athletic shoes worth almost $6,500, a $2,250 watch and a lion skin rug worth $1,200 as assets.  We think it’s time Magic Johnson starts having classes on how to succeed in your post-playing career.

Baseball season has started and both the Yankees and Red Sox are winless.  Gee, 159 more games of this excitement, however will we contain ourselves.

Carmelo Anthony finally showed New York Knicks’ fans what they wanted to see, scoring 43 points and making two-3 point shots when it mattered most against the Chicago Bulls. What an Easter treat. See Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2.

The San Antonio Spurs have two streaks of 11 wins yet we never hear their names come up in discussions of possible league champions.  Has Tim Duncan finally bored people to the point that they don’t pay any attention at all?

Who exactly does LeBron James think he’s fooling with this extra wide headband situation?  Are we supposed to forget his hairline is doing a half George Jefferson?

We suppose the double headband is better than what Carlos Boozer did to his head.

But the drama in the NBA doesn’t stop with hairlines with Magics’ coach Van Gundy claiming Dwight Howard wants him fired and Lamar Odom leaving the Mavericks in what appears to be a very emotional move. When did the NBA become a soap opera?


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