Let’s Be Honest…

12 Mar

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

It’s the end of the Manning era in Indianapolis. Now we get to play the “where will Peyton land” game until he signs with another team.  This feels like Brett Favre all over again.

Apparently without Manning the Colts decided now was a good time start from scratch as they also released Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt, and Dallas Clark while advertising Dwight Freeney was on the trading block.  Rebuilding anyone?

Are we the only ones wondering how Andrew Luck feels about all this?  Didn’t we think this was a “plug in a QB and win” situation before all these moves?

Once again the Washington Redskins have proven they can win the offseason by trading their next few number one picks to the Rams for Robert Griffin, III.

The Houston Texans punter has been suspended for 4 games for violating the league substance abuse policy. We hope it wasn’t for steroids because why on earth would a punter need steroids?

On a related note to those who use their legs for good, LSU’s star goalkeeper on the women’s soccer team and first student-athlete homecoming queen, Mo Isom, is attempting to be their first female football player. She nailed two 50-yarders during her walk-on tryout. (Hey Mo, the Ravens would consider you, or at least they should.)

The NY Jets made Mark Sanchez one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL by signing him to a 4-year $58 million extension.  Do the Jets know something about Mark that we don’t?

Florida State has Duke AND UNC’s number, all Tar Heel and Blue Devil haters rejoice! Congrats to FSU coach Leonard Hamilton and his team for a hard fought ACC tournament championship (Hamilton is the first African American coach to win the ACC tourney).

We wonder how many people had Louisville and Cincinnati in the Big East Conference Championship game?

Kentucky, North Carolina, and Syracuse all lost their conference tournaments and secured #1 seeds.  Meanwhile Michigan State, and Draymond Green, won the Big 10.  So how come everyone is picking Kentucky to win it all?

We don’t care how the NCAA wants to label it but March Madness does not officially begin until Thursday.  All these play-in games are ridiculous and we refuse to acknowledge them.

LA Clippers star Chris Paul has a nasal injury and is now sporting a facial mask.  Apparently masks are the new hotness in LA.

There is absolutely no way Kobe thought we’d take him seriously in this:


The Lakers went from beating the mighty Heat to losing back to back games to the hapless Pistons and Wizards.  What a difference a few days makes.

Tiger got injured and quit the tournament at Doral on Sunday.  I know he’s still the biggest figure in golf but was it necessary to have the OJ Simpson-like footage of him driving away?

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