Let’s Be Honest…

21 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

With the way they’ve played lately is it possible John Calipari, head coach at Kentucky, could finally win the NCAA tournament with a team of his fabulous freshmen?

Duke’s late game heroics are thrilling but how far will playing like that get them in the NCAA tourney?

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka were a great story on Sunday evening but does it concern anyone else that it took great games from 3 players to beat the Nuggets?

Linsanity has hit and it’s pandemic, even bringing back former NBA fans and the disinterested. Unfortunately, it’s also triggered a lot of insensitive comments and off the wall comparisons. We hope that ESPN has learned it’s lesson and that others will get a clue.

Michael Jordan the player will always be revered as the greatest.  Michael Jordan the GM has shown us on two occasions that all great players do not belong in the front office.

Greg Oden is out for the season AGAIN with microfracture surgery.  It’s time he started looking into Plan B because it’s clear NBA basketball is not his future.

Randy Moss is crazy and it can be quite entertaining but Moss TV can’t be the best image he wants to display to teams considering signing him.

Congrats Canada! You too can own a piece of the great Green Bay Packers. Anybody wanna go half?

The Washington Redskins are among the teams with the most cap room in free agency.  What aging wonder will Dan Snyder sign this year?

Who’s going to be the adult that tells Robert Griffin, III that he needs to cut the braids before the NFL draft?

Tsk, tsk TCU! What does it say about a school and it’s football program for being in a drug sting? You be the judge.

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