Let’s Be Honest…

06 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Congratulations to the New York football Giants for winning Super Bowl 46!

Let’s give it up for the Giants’ punter, Steve Weatherford, for making the New England Patriots fight hard for good field position.

Boo to NBC for cutting away during Victor Cruz’s signature touchdown dance. Everyone loves a lil cha cha and salsa.

Was it sweet for Tiquan Underwood, who was cut the day before the big game, to watch the Patriots (specifically the WRs) unravel in the fourth quarter?

We all know Bill Belichick takes risks. Sometimes they work (he’s a mastermind), sometimes they don’t (what was he thinking?!!!) as evidenced in this “parting of the Red Sea” play that was the Giant’s game winning score.

Let’s just say this for the record, while Eli has won more rings than Peyton, he is absolutely not a better quarterback.

The NFL is considering eliminating the Pro Bowl.  While the game sucks, is getting rid of it the only option?

Dear Kevin Love, you absolutely cannot stomp on another player’s face.

After much debate, Landon Collins signed with Alabama as he originally intended.  I wonder if his Mom had to be sedated.

The ACC announced it’s plans for the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh.  Football remains largely unchanged but ACC basketball rivalries as we know them, are done.

We hope you enjoyed the wild finish between Kansas and Missouri because that rivalry is also kaput after this season.

When Jim Larranaga left George Mason for the University of Miami people assumed it was a money grab.  I’m sure if you ask the players at Duke after The U beat them at home on Sunday, they’ll say he left because he’s a pretty darn good coach.

And because you care, we award M&Ms the title for funniest Super Bowl commercial.

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