Let’s Be Honest…

23 Jan

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Tom Brady looked like Aaron Rodgers last week.  Unfortunately, the Ravens didn’t capitalize the way the Giants did.

Brady tried to go for the nail in the coffin and Jimmy Smith made him pay dearly.  After this interception, you just felt the momentum shift in the Ravens favor. Alas…

Eli Manning’s stats in the NFC Championship – 32-of-58 for 316 yards, two touchdowns, 0 Interceptions – against one of the most dominate defenses in the entire league.  Are we still not convinced he’s elite?

Did anyone think the 49ers would miss Ted Ginn, Jr. in the playoffs?

Poor Jim Caldwell, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was a sacrificial lamb. Let’s hope he lands on his feet.

There has been talk of Jim Tressel taking over for the Colts…um, what?!?! Does Owner Jim Irsay know what he’s doing and we’re missing something? Although we’d love to see that vest again.

Rex Ryan shared that he may want to tone his bold predictions down, we definitely think he should, for his team’s sake.

Sunday’s rumor was that Chip Kelly was to be named the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but he decided to stick with Oregon Monday. Could you imagine that type of offense in the NFL? Could you dream up the uniforms he and Nike could come up with (never forget the creamsicle)?

Dwyane Wade sat out with a bad ankle as the Miami Heat ripped off 6 wins in a row.  Can’t wait until the media  beats this nothing story to death come playoff time.

If I told you the top 5 teams in the NBA Western Conference were Oklahoma City, Denver, LA Clippers, Memphis, and Utah would you believe me?  You should, it’s true.

Now that the dust has settled, was Carmelo to the Knicks really a good idea?

Serena Williams was bounced in the 4th round of the Australian Open.  Could it be we’ve seen the last of the Williams sisters as a force in tennis?

Joe Paterno passed away on Sunday, 73 days after being terminated as Penn State head coach.  His death certificate will list lung cancer as the cause but we can’t help but think he died of a broken heart.

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