Let’s Be Honest – NFL Playoff Edition

17 Jan

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

What a thrilling and emotional game as the San Francisco 49ers beat the New Orleans Saints and Jim Harbaugh solidified the title of NFL coach of the year.

Because the 49ers won it was acceptable and almost cool for Alex Smith to wear this mechanic’s shirt during his presser:

You have to be happy for Vernon Davis who went from the doghouse with Mike Singletary to game winner.

Once again the downfall of the Denver Broncos were the New England Patriots. And the Patriots took this opportunity to run up the score.

And the Broncos defense had nothing to be proud of, including this scrum at the end of the game:

Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens showed that he wasn’t getting any younger AND that he’s still got it all in the same game.

Hey Arian Foster! This look only works when you win!

At the beginning of the year a lot of jokes were made about Eli Manning considering himself an elite QB, well I guess we’ve learned that you can’t spell ELITE without Eli.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers looked downright human in the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the Giants. He still should win MVP though.

When was anyone going to notice the Packers had no running game?

Rex Ryan thought he was an architect of success with the New York Jets and yelled it from the mountaintops. Now his team is falling apart. Your move, big man.

The St. Louis Rams have managed to land Jeff Fisher and snag Gregg Williams from the Saints. It should be quite interesting to see how they manage to bring back a franchise that has fallen off.

Now who is brave enough to take on that market in Miami with the Dolphins?

Although not football related we have to salute and wish Happy Birthday to a legend, Muhammad Ali!

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