Let’s Be Honest…

27 Dec

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The screwed up NCAA football postseason can be summed up by the #7 team in the country playing the 6-6 Arizona State Sun Devils in a bowl game on December 22nd.

Kellen Moore finished his college career with a 50-3 record and if he went to a school other than Boise State he may have won a Heisman.

USC QB Matt Barkley decided to stay in school and return for his senior season with Lane Kiffin. But…Kiffin over the NFL? Huh?

The NBA season came back with a bang on Christmas Day and while some things definitely changed (the Mavericks rolling over like dogs to the Heat for example) some things stayed the same:

The reigning MVP, Derrick Rose, was determined to prove his performance last year wasn’t a fluke with this game winning shot that completed the Bulls comeback against the Lakers.

The NBA is giving you two weeks free of the League Pass. We suggest you forgo your bedtime and watch any games that contain the Warriors and the Clippers.  You can thank us later.

The scoring play of the year in the NFL happened and for once the Bengals weren’t the punchline.

The Falcons defense put up very little resistance and Drew Brees was able to break Dan Marino’s record with a game remaining in the season but isn’t it likely Aaron Rodgers is still MVP?

Is it possible that Tim Tebow is coming back down to earth and playing like the QB everyone thought he’d be?

After losing to the pitiful Vikings at home, will Dan Snyder finally realize the Shanahan’s aren’t the answer?

Yet the Redskins played spoiler, taking out Adrian Peterson AND Christian Ponder. Luckily, there is only one game left in the season and Joe Webb at QB did quite alright.

Rex Ryan should take Brandon Jacobs’ advice and shut up.  At least until he has a quarterback who isn’t Mark Sanchez.

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