Let’s Be Honest…

12 Dec

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Let the college football coaching carousel begin. Question is: Who will be the brave soul to take over Penn State? Quite a legacy to follow and an image to clean up.

And how does Charlies Weis keep getting college coaching jobs when he’s shown he doesn’t really have a talent for college coaching?

Congratulations go to Robert Griffin III for winning the Heisman (and for introducing us to Superman socks WITH a cape).

Indiana took out top-ranked Kentucky in its attempt to get back to NCAA basketball relevance. But why do the #1 teams continue to fall off so early in the season?

Perhaps the Xavier/Cincinnati rivalry needs a break after this on Saturday.

Who had the bright idea to let the Xavier players answer questions following a brawl?

How embarrassed is MLB about their current MVP, Ryan Braun, testing positive for performance enhancing drugs?

How badly does Marion Barber feel today after his mental mistake led to yet another Tebow comeback (and Broncos victory)?

It’s December, so it’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to completely fall apart and there’s no better place than national TV for it to happen.

Apparently icing the kicker is the way to beat the Cowboys. Jason Garrett, coach of the Cowboys, foolishly and mistakenly found that out last week and Tom Coughlin, coach of the New York Giants, used it against him last night.

James Harrison “strikes” again and this time takes out Colt McCoy of the Cleveland Browns. He will no doubt be facing a heavy fine and a possible suspension. Who isn’t scared of this dude?

The Green Bay Packers continue on towards an undefeated season but it’s becoming less and less of a headline as they near this benchmark.

But now is as great a time as ever to invest in a winning franchise. Pick up your commemorative Packers’ stock for a mere $250! You can be a winner too! Just don’t expect to make a profit from it.

David Stern received tons of negative press for vetoing the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers and given the Hornets a decent group of players in return.

Today we hear that Chris Paul might be going to the Clippers and in return the Hornets will get a bunch of junk.  How much you want to bet Stern won’t say a word about this trade?

These trade talks have also exposed us to Lamar Odom’s sensitive side. Even when you’re a millionaire, being unwanted sucks.

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