Let’s Be Honest…

05 Dec

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

How rude of LSU, letting both Arkansas and Georgia think they had a chance of winning before coming back and smacking them silly.

Tyrann Mathieu surely lived up to his “honeybadger” nickname with two punt returns in the SEC title game.

Does anyone else wonder if Oklahoma State could have made it to the National Championship if they didn’t have to play the day they found out members of their athletic program were killed in a plane crash?

Kinda odd that Oregon played a 6-7 team in UCLA for the first ever Pac-12 Championship.  Even more odd was Rick Neuheisel coaching UCLA in that game after being fired earlier in the week.

Tough ending for Case Keenum and the University of Houston, they were an offensive powerhouse before they met Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss and Houston had Conference USA on the come up but it’s very possible their two coaches will be picked to run bigger programs in more substantial conferences.

It looks like there is no winner in Texas A&M’s decision to move to the SEC now that A&M has fired their coach after a 6-6 season. Aren’t you thrilled to see a spirited game between them and LSU?

Urban Meyer finally fessed up to taking the job at Ohio State.  I guess a year was enough family time and now it’s time to get back to work.  It’d be great if he wore the sweater vest though but this may be as close as we get (throwback).

Jerry Sandusky should not conduct any interviews, nothing he says can change people’s opinions of him. Just keep your story to yourself until trial buddy.  He should also look into getting lawyers that tell him when to shut his mouth!

Poor DeSean Jackson, now the analysts are questioning his work ethic. How will that contract talk turn out now?

Matt Forte suffered a sprained knee in yesterday’s Bears game.  He’s been a model employee while looking for a long term contract offer.  Will that come back to bite him now?

There is not a more polarizing topic in the NFL than Tim Tebow. As he continues to win and opinions flourish, you either love or hate him.

Yet another marginal team attempted to dethrone the Green Bay Packers on their way to an undefeated season. The New York Giants, after 3 straight losses, hung in there for all four quarters against the Pack and gave them a good scare.

Drew Brees is DAMN good!

On the other hand, Donovan McNabb is back on the market, calling as many press conferences as he can. While there are several teams in need of backup QBs none seem quite that interested. Sorry guy.

How sad is it that the NFC East, usually one of the best conferences in the league, is currently one of the worst?

The NBA announced it’s season would start with FIVE games on Christmas Day.  Why doesn’t the season start on Christmas every year?

I thought the NBA owners said the purpose of this whole lockout was to stop players from demanding trades like Chris Paul did this week.

March Madness came early with a Kentucky/UNC match-up and we LOVED it!  Now this is a match up we’d love to see again at the end of the season.

Congrats to Tiger Woods on his first win since his life exploded.  The analysts have been DYING to run this story to death.

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