Let’s Be Honest…

28 Nov

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Oh Stevie, we know you like to celebrate with the best of them but do ya think it came back to bite you in the final minutes with those dropped passes?

Was the Houston Texans stadium built on an ancient burial ground?  How else can you explain them losing their first and second string quarterbacks in the year it looked like they’d run away with the division?

Ndamukong Suh deserves his two game suspension.  Not as much for this act as for the horrible attempt at an explanation and that wack apology.

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the HarBowl. Have they finally gotten their act together? Will they be a solid team from this point on?

Who on earth is in charge of the NFL schedules?  There is no way the schedulers knew San Francisco/Baltimore would actually be a compelling game (beyond the coaches).  Why is Philadelphia/Seattle a nationally televised game in week 13?

It is officially the season of back up QBs in the NFL with Houston, Chicago, Oakland, Kansas City, Indy, Arizona, Philly, Denver, and Miami all without their original starters.

We suppose Jason Witten was trying to outdo David Nelson’s antics from last week by taking out a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader cause he sure looked like he did it on purpose.

The Denver Tebows found a way to win again but the story should really be how the Chargers offense (and Philip Rivers) could not get their kicker a FG attempt that was better than 53 yards.

We’ll spare you the video but which was worse Nick Novak peeing on the sideline or CBS showing it?

Arkansas looked like they had LSU right where they wanted them, then the second half happened.

With their victory over Auburn in the Iron Bowl, Alabama settled comfortably in the #2 spot and all but booked their tickets to the National Championship Game.

Did this run help Trent Richardson take some Heisman votes from Andrew Luck?

The Marshall/East Carolina University game was the setting of perhaps one of the greatest catches ever: a one hand, backhand catch. Wow!

The NBA is back.  But don’t expect stellar games on December 25th.  Even these guys need time to sharpen their game.

Free agency and training camps begin on the same day.  Should be interesting to see some teams open camp with 7 player rosters until things get settled.

In NCAA basketball, Number 1 UNC was taken down by UNLV.  Sadly, this matters NONE come March.

After winning the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament could we see the Harvard Crimson make an appearance in the Top 25?

Urban Meyer finally ended all the speculation and admitted he’s accepted the Ohio State head coaching job.  Sad for the interim coach that he had to deal with that for the last 4 days while he tried to coach the team against hated Michigan.


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2 responses to “Let’s Be Honest…

  1. Tayree

    November 28, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    I’m happy the Ravens are doing the dang thing. Yes, we should prob be 9 and 1 versus 7 and 3. However, I’m tired of all the haters and fair weather fans out there. A fan should be a fan regardless of wins and losses. I mean some of the loosingest teams in the NFL have the most loyal and hopeful fans.

    During the season, my blood bleeds purple, black and gold. Quote Tayree, ever more…

    Good posts as usual, Sporty Girl!!!

    • thesportygirlz

      December 5, 2011 at 1:16 pm

      Thanks Tayree! We appreciate your support.


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