Let’s Be Honest…

21 Nov

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Lee Corso dropping the F-bomb on ESPN College GameDay was an interesting segue to a thrilling Saturday of college football.

And for all that entertainment we are left with three SEC teams at the top of the BCS rankings. The SEC domination continues.

Oregon lost to USC in what was called an upset but really isn’t.  USC is still a good program.  The issue is that they are still on probation and no one likes their coach, Lane Kiffin.

Robert Griffin, III made a name for himself nationally after leading Baylor to a victory over Oklahoma.

Tebow lives! At present, no one has such a huge “cult” following or the ability to capture the attention of so many. But the question remains: How long will it last?

It’s interesting that the people that say Tim Tebow always finds a way to win have the exact opposite argument when it comes to Vince Young who essentially does the same thing.

Can someone please take DeSean Jackson to the side and explain to him how to act when you want more money?

Are Green Bay’s opponents going harder at them just to knock them off the path to an undefeated season? It sure seemed like Tampa Bay pushed and played tougher than ever versus the Pack.

Did it hurt you, or someone else in your Fantasy Football league, to see Adrian Peterson carted off to the locker room?

In 2011, why are teams still kicking to Devin Hester?

Apparently, Referee Ron Winters knows how to take a hit. He ended up on the bottom of the pile at the Bengals/Ravens game and walked away unscathed.

The New York Giants should avoid late night establishments. It never seems to end well for them.

Instead of playing NBA games the league’s superstars have organized a 4 city all-star tour.  I can’t knock it since it’s for charity but I sure do miss Ernie, Kenny and Charles.

Tiger Woods had the winning shot to give the US a President’s Cup win after basically sucking in the other rounds of the tournament.  Get ready for the “IS TIGER BACK?” stories to hit the presses soon.

Congrats to the wildest NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart, for winning the Sprint Cup.

The L.A. Galaxy won the Major League Soccer Cup giving David Beckham the championship everyone said he’d win here. Too bad he delivered little in terms of audience for that $250 million he was paid.

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