Let’s Be Honest…

14 Nov

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

So Stanford and Boise State did their part this weekend to ensure we get a Alabama/LSU rematch in the National Championship.

Thankfully, Oklahoma State blew out Texas Tech 66-6 to remain firmly in the #2 spot.  Let’s hope they show up against Oklahoma on December 3rd.

Arkansas may have had the best return of the year. You be the judge.

Maryland vs. Notre Dame…who planned that matchup and why? If it was a battle of the flashiest uniforms then that makes sense.


What an emotional day and game at Penn State on Saturday. It would have been nice to see the seniors get a win at their final home game, especially after all that has transpired in the past week.

Sure he’s 3-1 but can’t the media stop with the, “he just finds a way to win” meme with Tim Tebow?

The Colts replaced Curtis Painter with Dan Orlovsky during the game yesterday, putting them closer and closer to Andrew Luck (and the most awkward Colts offseason since they left Baltimore in the middle of the night).

Are we watching the end of the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia?  Did it make sense to give Vick $100 million?  Did you laugh like we did when we heard: “DeSean Jackson might be losing the locker room?”

To further hurt his locker room appeal, Jackson was placed on the inactive list for missing a special teams meeting. That’s a pretty harsh way to teach a lesson in being prompt and setting an alarm (if that was the true reason for his absence).

David Nelson of the Buffalo Bills was planning to have some sort of TD celebration involving his girlfriend, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. But it didn’t quite end up as expected. What? No dancing? No crazy stuff?

Are you ready to believe in the 49ers now that they’re 8-1?

How awesome was the game between North Carolina and Michigan State played on the USS Carl Vinson?

You have to love the time of year where marquee NCAA teams play schools no one has ever heard of (and HBCUs).  Where the hell is Ferris State?

Manny Pacquiao won in a shady decision over the weekend while the UFC premiered on Fox with a full 64 seconds of fighting.  Not sure those were the expected outcomes when they planned those events.

After being abducted and missing for two days, Washington Nationals catcher, Wilson Ramos, was rescued by police and National Guard troops. This story was much needed good news given the top story scandal of last week.

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One response to “Let’s Be Honest…

  1. Tish L

    November 21, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    I thought punt return was pretty, freakin’, crazy.


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