Let’s Be Honest…

07 Nov

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The battle of the titans between LSU and Alabama was all about defense and the mistakes on special teams.

We hope everyone watching understands why there should not be a rematch of that horrid game for the National Title.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State and Kansas State were exploding on offense. How many folks changed the channel to watch that game? How many knew it was going on at the same time?

This week’s blooper comes from the Georgia-New Mexico State game. Those hedges play some mean defense. Kudos to Aron White for avoiding those precious xylophones though, oh and getting the TD.

After the accolades of Joe Pa getting to the top of the win category in college football, Penn State is reeling with charges, filings, and resignations of high ranking athletic officials covering up incidents of child sexual abuse involving a former coach. Oh Joe, even being old might not get you out of this one.

These definitely aren’t the New England Patriots of old we are watching. Two losses in a row? The jig is up, you’ve been figured out.

People clowned Eli Manning for saying he was on the same level as Tom Brady, while he might not be, he sure has some pretty impressive victories against him.

Peyton Hillis’ discontent is affecting the Cleveland Browns’ locker room causing teammates to hold an intervention in hopes of getting his mind right. Hillis had a great story last year but now he just looks disgruntled, as well as victim to the Madden curse.

Tiger Woods’ former caddy, Steve Williams, continues to tear him a new one through his comments only this time he chose to make it racial. We get it, you’re mad. Isn’t the fact that he sucks right now satisfying enough?

At this point, the NBA lockout talks are going nowhere and the players are playing hardball. It’s going to take the risk of running low on funds to get anywhere.

An interesting story has developed during these talks as it was discovered that Michael Jordan has taken the lead on pushing the hard-line stance being held by the NBA owners. The same MJ that told Abe Pollin to sell his team if he couldn’t make money on it.  Oh how our thoughts change when we sit on the other side of the table.

As a result of MJ’s stance, players have considered boycotting his shoes.  Sadly, it won’t make any bit of difference.

Speaking of legends…it’s been 20 years since Magic Johnson told the public he has HIV.  Didn’t you think it was a death sentence in 1991?

NASCAR has put their foot down and punished Kyle Busch for deliberately wrecking a fellow racer (and championship contender) in the Truck Series. He was banned from both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup races held this weekend. It’s time for some in car anger management.

Did you know the NHL season started weeks ago?  Do you care?


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7 responses to “Let’s Be Honest…

  1. healthythenewsexy

    November 8, 2011 at 11:26 am

    If LSU and Bama plays in the NC I will not be watching. That was one of the most boring games and I was not impressed. Folks all on FB talking about how great it was; smdh!! It’s perfectly clear the BCS is trying to set up a rematch. Bama only dropping to #3 when past #2 teams have dropped as low as 5 & 6 after losing to the #1 team. I guess if the score wasn’t so low they would have dropped them further. The BCS is still a bunch of BS.

    SIGH, I feel bad for ole Joe but Penn State was wrong for covering this cluster mess up. Joe is not the pervert yet his legacy will be linked to this mess.

    SIGH again at Tiger’s caddy. Since he wants to throw out the race card dude would be mute if Tiger’s ex was a natural hair wearing black woman.

    If I was still a real NBA fan this lock out would piss me off. This is prime example of why people need to stop encouraging these young dudes to bypass college or leave college early for the pros. I bet some of the newly drafted players wished they stayed in school.

    • thesportygirlz

      November 8, 2011 at 1:24 pm

      Kinda ridiculous Bama only fell to #3 when Boise and Stanford are still undefeated. That game was horrible. None of us should be forced to watch that again.

  2. healthythenewsexy

    November 8, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    You know I don’t hide my Bama hate; LOL!! Nope, no one should be forced to see that. It’s was about a bad as watching Auburn and Oregon playing in the NC last year.

  3. Mark A. Dennis

    November 9, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    It is not hard to imagine the concepts of something like football would escape you when something as simple as rankings has you mystified.

    If Alabama was ranked #2 in the country and LSU #1, the voters evidently thought they were the second best and best teams respectively. So when the #2 team loses to the #1 team by 3 points in OT what automatically makes the #2 team the #5 or #6 team?

    Additionally, I wouldn’t expect you know a great football game if you were actually in the stands. I mean seriously, neither of you has any sports experience outside of middle school physical education. You two talking about sports is about as relevant as Chris Berman talking about what happened at “Fashion Week” in NY.

    Stick to analyzing social issues like the retirement of “Joe Pa.” Leave sports analysis to those who have a clue. But then again what could be expected from a site that sounds like a fragrance for the Justin Bieber crowd.

    • thesportygirlz

      November 9, 2011 at 7:24 pm

      You’ve made some pretty broad generalizations and assumptions in your comments. You don’t know who we are or what experiences we have and therefore are not qualified to tell us what we should or should not discuss on OUR blog. For the record, the rankings have not confused us but you seem to think you saw a great game that came down to overtime while we and MANY others saw a sloppy mess of a game that was not worthy of the “Game of the Year” title that was bestowed upon it prior to kickoff. While we appreciate people reading our words/thoughts/ideas we do not require anyone to do so if our words bother you please take your complaints to the red “x” on the top right of your screen.

  4. Mark A. Dennis

    November 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    For a site with a lot of “Let’s be honest,” the truth seems to hurt. Also, you asked, “what do you think?” Don’t act like a scorned child when it is not what you want to hear.

    I’m using your bios to describe you:
    Robin: “She has always hated P.E. (except for kickball and softball) but enjoys being a spectator of sports.”
    Alba: “She’s a huge sports fan and against her better judgment still roots for the Washington Redskins. She watches all sports…” I watch the Kardashians but it doesn’t mean I know what is going on.

    When did/do either of you play sports, especially a team sport? I’d bet never by your writings because your egos wouldn’t let that little fact go unmentioned.

    Again with your limited background and knowledge why would you think a game between two defensive powers with an extra week to prepare would be anything but a defensive struggle? One of you claims to be a Ravens fan, but it is funny how that Super Bowl team of 00-01 was a defensive team and somehow I don’t see you disparaging that team or its run to a title.

    Back to the LSU/AL game, one of your followers mentioned, “Folks all on FB talking about how great it was.” I guess I’m not alone in my observation of the game. Applying your limited background, anything other than a shootout would be too much for you to understand or be entertained by. Like I said, you do a good job with the social commentary, but your inability to analyze games is why you have only 7 subscribers. Let’s be honest… you are not very good at understanding what goes on between the commercials.

    • thesportygirlz

      November 14, 2011 at 8:58 am

      It’s a blog, therefore it’s our opinion whether you feel that we’re knowledgeable on the subject or not. If you don’t agree that’s fine but your delivery leaves a lot to be desired. We, no I, appreciate your traffic but feel free to close the door on your way out.


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