Let’s Be Honest…

31 Oct

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Tony LaRussa announced his retirement after leading the improbable St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory.  That’s what you call going out on top.

Eric LeGrand, who was paralzed from the neck down in a game last season, inspired his former Rutgers’ teammates, among many others, by leading the team onto the field this weekend.

Congrats again to old man Joe Pa for being the winningest coach in Division I football with 409 wins. What’s the over/under on how high that number will get?

The NCAA has agreed to some reform for Division I programs by allowing athletes to receive an additional $2,000 a year and permitting multi-year scholarships  Will this just be a band-aid fix?

The NCAA also decided to raise academic standards for post-season play. Will we see more schools in academic difficulty or just more bending of the rules and cover ups?

With Clemson losing to Georgia Tech it looks like Virginia Tech is on it’s way to winning the ACC…again

Stanford pulled out an overtime victory against USC but did enough people on the East Coast watch to give them points in the BCS standings?

Next week is the pivotal matchup between Alabama and LSU, also known as the time of year people begin to hate the BCS because one of those teams will likely be out of the running.

Just when you thought you had enough of Tim Tebow the “Tebowing” craze erupts. Even the Lions’ linebacker couldn’t resist.

But the hoopla may be coming to an end as Tim Tebow looked horrible against the Lions on Sunday.  The win last week covered up the fact that he’s pretty horrible.  Guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Broncos.

The Ravens managed a win after being down 20 on Sunday.  Being down by 20 and winning seems to be a running theme this season in the NFL.

The St. Louis Rams must have been inspired by the Cardinals victory because I don’t think anyone picked them to beat the Saints (especially with starting QB Sam Bradford on the sidelines).

Instead of being called to the principal’s office Ndamukong Suh has decided to request a meeting with NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, to open dialogue and understand what they deem wrong with his type of play.

In the “where they do that at?” file Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings decides to fight Captain Munnerlyn of the Carolina Panthers on the Carolina sideline and bench…um, bad idea.

NBA talks broke off again.  It’s safe to say we won’t see professional basketball in the states until at least Christmas.  Too bad nobody gives a damn.

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