Let’s Be Honest…

24 Oct

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

LSU means business, which means another year with an SEC team on top of the BCS.

Further evidence that the BCS is rigged: LSU and Alabama ranked #1 and 2 respectively will meet (after a bye this week) on Nov. 5 to duke it out. That equals more money and ratings, gotta love it.

Was the Michigan State hail mary a good play or bad defense?  You decide.

Big Game Bob Stoops lost to Texas Tech, will he end up in the unemployment line with his brother or has he earned a pass for keeping Oklahoma relevant for over a decade?

Good old (and we do mean old) Joe Pa will soon be atop the Division I win list. He is currently tied with Eddie Robinson from Grambling State, who was quite the legend in his own right (shout out to HBCUs).

God bless Cam Newton, who tries so hard at press conferences but always uses words incorrectly and looks like his momma dressed him. Check him out here.

All praises to Tebow! The Broncos get the win! Lucky us we’ll get to hear about this all week. Yay!!

Plaxico sure was proud of his three TDs versus the Chargers, giving his game ball to his family each time. Awww, that’s nice…but could a fan have gotten one?

Starting Kyle Boller is a no-no, the Raiders learned that quickly. But really, all they needed to do was ask Ravens fans who still cringe at the sound of his name (although Carson Palmer wasn’t better).

Soooooooooooo about those Colts…Peyton Manning didn’t play defense did he?  Is there any explanation for losing 62-7 in a professional football game?  Is there a mercy rule?  Can Roger Goodell enact one IMMEDIATELY?

It didn’t even seem like the Saints were trying to run the score up on the Colts, the Colts were simply inept.

Chris Johnson held out for a big contract this offseason.  It’s too bad he’s not earning one penny of it now.  The Titans looked horrible and got blown out by the Texans yesterday.

Ndamukong Suh seems to be a nice guy off the field but he is getting close to being placed on the list of dirty players in the NFL.

Albert Pujols hit three home runs on Saturday and the Cardinals beat the Rangers 16-7 in Game 3 of the World Series.  Yes, the St Louis Cardinals outscored the St Louis Rams.

The World Series is tied 2-2 and hopefully ends soon.  I’m sure FOX would rather air Glee than this snoozefest.

NBA talks broke down in an ugly fashion last week.  It’s too bad it’s the middle of the NFL and NCAA Football seasons because people were too busy watching sports to care about the NBA.

In boxing is a joke news, the WBC reinstated Bernard Hopkins as champion days after a TKO was called on the mat.  Is it possible that boxing is dead?


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