Let’s Be Honest…

10 Oct

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The NFL lost part of it’s foundation with the death of Al Davis on Saturday.  He became a bit of a punchline later in his life but the NFL does not exist without his contribution.

Mike Vick threw 4 interceptions on Sunday but the bigger story is how lackluster the defense of the Philadelphia Eagles has been this season (after so much hype).

The savior, Tim Tebow, came in to save the day for the Denver Broncos, only to come up short.  Can you say quarterback controversy?

We’re pretty sure you weren’t watching Chiefs/Colts so we’re pretty sure you missed this awesome catch by Dwayne Bowe.

We all know a lot can change throughout a NFL season but don’t the Packers look like they are on their way to a repeat (injuries included)?

The San Francisco 49ers had as much a chance of winning the NFC West as any of the other teams, but I don’t think anyone had them winning much more than the 6 games against their division rivals.

One day people will learn that you do not challenge Steve Smith.  Don’t they remember he punched his own teammate once?

TCU reneged by deciding to leave the Big East before they even played a game to consider, and no doubt, join the Big 12. Distance for competition will be less of an issue but they’ll always play step-child to Texas.

Speaking of Texas, they got their lunch handed to them by Oklahoma this weekend.  The Big 12 is looking very much like a one team league.

The hilarious audio of the week goes to Derek Dooley’s Mom for staunchly defending her son to critics who feel he is on the hot seat as coach at Tennessee.

The Yankees and Phillies are out of the MLB playoffs.  It’s possible we could end up with Milwaukee/Texas.  I think Bud Selig’s head might explode.

The handsomely paid sluggers Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Howard let their teams down in the clutch. The Yanks and Phillies should ask for a refund

ESPN – The Magazine has unveiled some of the pictures from The Body Issue. And well…Blake Griffin does not disappoint (ask Alba).

The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup rings are pretty blingtastic! They rival the Green Bay Super Bowl rings.

A fan threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods during the Open this past weekend.  Seems like Tiger can’t catch a break these days.

We know you weren’t paying attention but congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx for winning the WNBA Championship.

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