Let’s Be Honest…

03 Oct

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Russell Wilson has elevated Wisconsin to a new level. If he’s not in the Heisman conversation, he should

Is Alabama really as good as they were against Florida on Saturday?

In case you haven’t noticed, Boise State is 4-0 again.

Cam Newton is not only good, he’s better than most of us thought he’d be.

Poor Mark Sanchez didn’t have a chance last night against the Ravens’ D. Let’s hope Nick Mangold get’s well soon.

If you’re wondering why Ed Reed is so happy he forced a crucial turnover and his fellow DBs made him proud against the New York Jets.

Tony Romo can win a game for you just as easily as he can lose one.

His highlights came late in the game but it doesn’t get much better than this Calvin Johnson touchdown in triple coverage:

Now that the Lions have won back to back games after being down 20 points, do we finally believe they are legit?

No one can explain why Ronnie Brown decided to throw the ball at the goal line but this play pretty much sums up the day for the Philadelphia Eagles:

What’s up with the Monday Night Football schedule? Even though the Cowboys-Redskins game could’ve been great the rest have been match ups no one really cares about.

That includes tonight’s game between the Colts and Bucs which really seems like a snoozefest.  I bet ESPN wishes the flex schedule was an option.

The NBA and owners seem to meet regularly but after the NFL negotiations we know not to be optimistic until there’s actual things on the line.

The MLB Playoffs have commenced (also known as time for everyone to hate the Yankees) but it just doesn’t seem right to play the most important part of your season in the least ideal conditions.

So far, the Milwaukee Brewers are the only team to hold home field advantage in the playoffs.  Sadly, this means nothing because there’s a long way to go to a World Series win.

DREAM!! LYNX!! It’s the WNBA FINALS!!!!  *shrug* I tried.

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