Let’s Be Honest…

26 Sep

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

So…how about them Eagles?

Michael Vick complained about not getting roughing the passer calls, but doesn’t it seem like the league has a double standard for scrambling quarterbacks?

Does Michael Vick have a sense of deja vu because being behind a horrible line has to remind him of playing for the Falcons, right?

Pretty sure you’ve heard about the Vince Young imposter that looks nothing like VY. Women gave him thousands of dollars…no words.

How awesome is it to see the Buffalo Bills at 3-0 and leading their division?  Doesn’t being down 21 points to Saint Tom Brady and winning make it even more awesome?

Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions yesterday, sadly it took 3 before the announcers blamed him for them.

Devin Hester is so good on punt returns that even his fakes fool the other team.

Reggie Wayne finally got his wish to play with Curtis Painter and the result was still the same (even though the defense kept them in the game).

The Detroit Lions are 3-0.

What made Bill Belichick, of all people, decide to be documented by NFL Films? It’s good TV but runs counter to what we’re used to. Will Nick Saban be next?

Hey Maryland, you get style points for the flashy uniforms but how do you get thrashed by Temple?

The Red Sox and Braves seem to be doing everything they can to lose the Wild Card spots they’ve held almost all season.  Do they even deserve to be in the playoffs?  Will limping in make them easy first round outs?

Bill Haas won the Fed Ex Cup in golf (and the 10 million dollar prize that goes with it), now join us in saying “Who?”

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh are both on Law and Order: SVU this week.  You’d better watch because that is the only chance you’ll have of seeing NBA players on TV this fall.

ESPN air’s “Catching Hell” tomorrow, aren’t you interested in what’s happened to Steve Bartman since the night he was run out of Chicago for this:

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