Let’s Be Honest…

19 Sep

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Some say Floyd Mayweather sucker punched Ortiz, some say it was a fair knockout.  I say, the more chances we get to see this picture, the better.  This was the highlight of the fight.

Aren’t we tired of Floyd fighting lesser competition and getting controversial victories?  When is he going to bite the bullet and fight Manny?

Best clip of Week 2: Vince Wilfork’s interception! Run big boy! (hope somebody had some oxygen for him on the sideline)

Yet another NFL player to illustrate that age ain’t nothing but a number: Tony Gonzalez doing his thing 14 years in.

It seems quite possibly that Dunta Robinson of the Atlanta Falcons may be the first candidate for suspension from the NFL commissioner for his second dangerous hit on a Philadelphia Eagle (Desean Jackson last year and Jeremy Maclin last night). 

Cam Newton passes for over 400 yards again, yet his team still loses (again!). What does that say about the Panthers?

NFL injuries are stacking up, could it be there is a benefit to those off-season workouts or is this just coincidence?

Analysts criticize Michael Vick for scrambling and he gets injured while remaining in the pocket and colliding with his own teammate, yet all the analysts continue to talk about is the danger in him scrambling. Huh?

Can the analysts just agree to stop bringing up dogfighting and jail during Eagles games?  Is there any benefit to continually rehashing that story?

Poor Jamaal Charles looks to be out for the rest of the season when his knee gave out. He even took out the Lions mascot in the process.

Is it possible that an injured Tony Romo plays better than a healthy one? You be the judge.

Who picked the Redskins, Lions, and Bills to be 2-0 after the first 2 games of the season?

No one thought the Raiders/Bills game would be the most exciting of the weekend.  Too bad most people didn’t get to see it because it was the Raiders and Bills.

The University of Miami triumphed over THE Ohio State University in the IneligiBowl. I don’t know if that’s the bragging right they want but it’s a win for the ACC.

Speaking of the ACC, adding Pittsburgh and Syracuse is going to make that conference even tougher during basketball season (sadly, it’s only a marginal gain football-wise).

How long will we have to wait for these NCAA superconferences to flesh themselves out?  My guess is we’ll have something that looks like the ACC (Big) East, The Big Ten (because they will never change the name no matter how many teams there are), SEC, and Pac16.  Let’s just get it over with already.

Last question: so who will be cheering on Metta World Peace on Dancing With the Stars?

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