Let’s Be Honest…

12 Sep

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The NFL has mandated that all stadiums display fantasy stats on the scoreboard but is that going to make more fans go to the games when the at-home/bar experience is far more entertaining?

The Saints and Packers gave us a great start to the 2011 football season.  They also showed us why defense and special teams matter.

Steelers got OWNED by the Ravens and Robin rejoices!

Don’t we all need the fountain of youth Ed Reed and Ray Lewis seem to drink from on an annual basis?

Donovan McNabb threw for a whopping 39 yards yesterday, is it possible Mike Shanahan was right about him all along?

Cam Newton threw for 422 yards in his NFL debut (beating a record previously held by Peyton Manning), I bet Steve Smith is the happiest man in North Carolina right now.

With so many teams running kickoffs back for touchdowns we are pretty much stuck with this new kickoff rule aren’t we?

Does anyone care about tonight’s NFL games besides the fans of those teams?

Why does Tony Romo seem to make his Wide Receivers cry?

The ending of the Michigan/Notre Dame game was so thrilling.  Too bad neither of these teams matters at all in the BCS.

Wisconsin and Russell Wilson can thank Tom O’Brien, head coach of NC State, for allowing him to leave and transfer to another school. He is killing it! (To the dismay of State fans)

Congrats to Hampton and FAMU for being featured on ESPN for all the wrong reasons. Their struggle to recover a fumble earned them the #1 spot on the Not Top 10 list.

If Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s name was Bill Smithson would he still be a NASCAR driver since he doesn’t seem to know how to win?

Serena Williams made it to the final of the US Open as the 28 seed yet there’s so much disappointment because she didn’t win it all.

Sadly we won’t discuss her comeback because the media will focus on her outburst.  I suppose John McEnroe should be thankful he didn’t play in the era of the 24 hour news cycle.

Speaking of the US Open, how unfair was it Serena didn’t finish her semifinal match until close to midnight Saturday and had to play at 4 on Sunday afternoon (while her opponent had over 24 hours between matches)?

It’s cute how the NBA and NBAPA keep having meetings and trying to leak information as if ANYONE is paying them any attention during the first week of the NFL.

Floyd Mayweather fights on Saturday, until the opponent is Manny Pacquiao we simply do not care.

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