Let’s Be Honest…

06 Sep

*blowing the dust off and removing the cobwebs*

After seriously prolonged negotiations and a shortened pre-season the question must be asked: Are you ready for some football?!!!!!!

I guess the NFL feels it should get a cookie for similarly suspending Jim Tressel in his new gig as Colts’ assistant. They had to. Folks would have been outraged otherwise.

After all the talk over who the starter would be at QB for the Redskins (and Shanahan’s constant comparisons of Beck to the all-time greats) of course Grossman is the chosen one. *confused face*

Poor Colts fans, it looks pretty certain that they are without the golden boy, Peyton Manning, for the first game if not longer. I think they may be losing their minds.

If it weren’t Peyton Manning wouldn’t we be talking retirement about a player with this sort of neck injury?

With Peyton’s status in question will this be the year the Houston Texans FINALLY make the playoffs?

I’m shocked (and laughing) that Tiki Barber is “devastated” that he wasn’t picked up by an NFL team. There is really nothing else to say here. Sorry buddy.

College football returned with multiple weather delays and games called early due to lightning, which was very odd.  Is that any indication of what’s to come for the NCAA this year?

C’mon Maryland, The Sporty Girlz are fans but these new unis…NO!!!

Who thought it was a good idea to have a Grand Prix race in Baltimore anyway?

Serena Williams seems not to to care that she’s ranked 28th at the US Open.  Will she be able to win it all?

Venus Williams disclosed that she has Sjogren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disease), have we seen the last of her?

Texas A&M seems so desperate to get in the SEC, don’t they realize they’ll be second class citizens in that conference just like they were in the Big 12?

The NCAA is toying with the idea of superconferences.  Perhaps they should instead toy with the idea of compensation for players.

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