ESPN – No One Beats a Dead Horse Better

25 Jul

It’s late July and the NFL Lockout is finally coming to an end (as we all predicted) without any loss to the regular season (again, as we all predicted).  But there’s another story, one that is all too familiar, that was being discussed when I turned on ESPN this morning.  Brett Favre.  It seems there are rumors that old man Brett would ONCE AGAIN leave retirement and join an NFL team.  This year the story revolves around him reporting to the Philadelphia Eagles and serving as the backup to Michael Vick.

I have one thing to say to ESPN…ENOUGH ALREADY!

We get it, Favre talk drives ratings but there is no reason for you to spend any time at all on a comeback story this year.  There has been no mention of Favre working out at a high school in West Hell, MS.  He’s not as much uttered a word about football since he last limped off the field.  So why is this rumor even making it to a Mike and Mike segment?  There are hundreds of compelling stories out there with the end of the lockout coming.  There’s also really important topics that need to be addressed like how this labor strife is preventing us from having a season of Hard Knocks.

ESPN, you are the best at dragging a story into the ground and beating it to death.  Brett Favre is a non-starter this year. Even John Madden has stopped talking about Brett Favre.  Do us all a favor and put Brett Favre on the backburner until it’s time to enshrine him in Canton.

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