Let’s Be Honest…

06 Jun

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The theatrics to get a foul called is getting old. *cough* D Wade *cough*

The media wants so badly to discredit LeBron that they considered his performance in Game 3 of the Finals poor.  Not sure how having 9 assists and contributing defensively is a poor performance.  Poor performance = Dwyane Wade’s disappearing acts throughout the playoffs.

It’s terrible what Mike Miller and his family had to go through after the birth of their baby girl, but is it necessary to air tear jerkers at halftime of the NBA Plaoyffs?  Isn’t that tactic reserved for the Olympics?

When is the NBA going to get rid of the 2-3-2 format in the Finals?  It’s a huge disadvantage for the team that doesn’t have home court and it doesn’t follow the pattern of any of the other series. See the Vancouver Canucks’ Alex Burrows take a bite out of Boston Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron:

Hockey is continuing to morph in to boxing. First, plenty of fist fights and now biting (and light penalties for doing so)!

It seems that gas and not having enough of it continues to be the reason for last lap losses in NASCAR lately.
Both Carl Edwards in the Nationwide race and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (AGAIN!) in the Sprint Cup fell victim and missed out on placing first.

Plaxico Burress was released from jail today after serving time for shooting himself in a nightclub.  Will you see him in a uniform in 2011 (will we see anyone in a uniform in 2011….get it together NFL!)?

DirecTV did right by NFL fans and will not charge for Sunday Ticket until the lockout and labor talks are resolved. Now that’s how you handle business.

Exactly how many games must you play to win the College World Series?  Geesh, no wonder it happens after the school year for most.

Albert Pujols has hit two walk off home runs in the last two games.  I suppose his slump is over, and hopefully St. Louis is ready to show him the money.

Li Na wins the Australian Open, the first Chinese player to do so, and ends up embarrassing her husband in the process.

Is Roger Federer ever going to get past Raphael Nadal in a major again?  Yesterday, after being up in the first set and then losing it you just knew he was done.


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