Let’s Be Honest…

31 May

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

We are saddened by the resignation of Jim Tressel because it means less hate jokes. We will miss them dearly.

(this is a repost for Alba)

Update: The hate still exists!

In related news, Ohio State’s QB Terrelle Pryor is under further scrutiny by the NCAA for receiving cars and other extra benefits. I bet he really wishes he declared for the draft now (although the supplemental draft is still an option).

Derrick Rose had some incredible highlights during this playoff season too bad not too many of his teammates did the same.

Earlier in the week it was reported that Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks got a tattoo on his arm of the NBA championship trophy back in October. If the Mavs don’t win he pledges to have it removed. Ouch! Hope it’s worth it.

Will people ever stop comparing Dirk Nowitzki (NO-VITZ-KEY not NO-WINS-KEY or NO-WIS-KEY) to Larry Bird?  Isn’t the comparison only made because they’re White?

Is anyone else depressed realizing that after the NBA Finals there’s nothing left but baseball (and likely an at least delayed football season)?

If the Miami Heat should win, what will Skip Bayless talk about on ESPN First Take?  How will he survive in a world where LeBron James is a winner (for that matter, how will I – Alba)?

This weekend, the QB of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, married a former pageant queen and Dallas TV personality, Candice Crawford. Guess he learned from Jessica because there is no gossip or pics to be found at this time (Robin is trying to see the dress).

Poor rookie! In the 100th Indy 500 race JR Hildebrand ran into the wall just as he was about to take the checkered flag. That sucks!

More bad news for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: (similar to Hildebrand) he was the leader in the final lap of the Coca-Cola 600 and ran out of gas, continuing his winless streak.

We’re native Marylanders and were pulling for our Terps at the NCAA men’s lacrosse championship but they were handed a defeat by the University of Virginia. (Robin has never, ever watched lacrosse before) At least M&T Bank Stadium is getting some action.

In a feel good story, NFL WR Braylon Edwards (normally known for legal trouble and dropping balls) made good on a promise by sending 100 Cleveland-area students to college.

Additionally, David Bruton, safety of the Denver Broncos, is using his time and talents during the lockout to substitute teach at his former high school in Ohio, as well as spend more time with his son. Awww.


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