Let’s Be Honest…

23 May

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

This play will be heavily featured in any future Kevin Durant montages…sucks to be Brendan Haywood.

Dallas looks to be in control of the Western Conference Finals but does anyone outside of Texas have them winning it all?

Joakim Noah pulled a Kobe and yelled a gay slur at a fan but he immediately apologized after the game. Good move to a bad action. Looks like some sensitivity training is needed.

Do LeBron and Wade let Chris Bosh play in all their little reindeer games now that he’s proven to be the difference maker against the Bulls?

Can someone please tell Udonis Haslem it’s time to let the braids go (but at least they were fresh for once)?

Sammy Sosa is a vampire now.

Bernard Hopkins became the oldest boxing world champion this past weekend.  He celebrated with the blue plate special at Denny’s.

UConn men’s basketball program will lose two scholarships due to its below average Academic Performance Rating. They’ve previously lost one to recruiting violations and coach Calhoun is forced to return his post-season bonus. Whew, now that’s punishment!

Meanwhile, Charlie Weis is making out just fine after being fired from Notre Dame. Word is he is receiving termination payments: a lump sum of $6.6 million and undisclosed annual payments. I’d like to get fired and end up rich.

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens believes crime will go up with the loss of the NFL season. Everyone has an opinion on his comments. I don’t think he thought it would be so polarizing when he said it.

Employees of the Oakland Raiders have been asked to sell season tickets in lieu of taking a pay cut. Well that’s out of the box thinking but almost 65% of their last 128 games have been blacked out due to low attendance.

Minnesota Vikings’ Ray Edwards has also decided to take up boxing in this lockout year and won his bout by unanimous decision. Hustle hard!

Rest In Peace to Randy “Macho Man” Savage. We all pretty much grew up cheering him on in the wrestling ring or enjoying him telling us to “snap into a Slim Jim.” So be sure to yell out a “Oooh Yeah!!!” in his memory.

And at last a development in the beating of the Giants fan at Dodger Stadium, a suspect was arrested and charged. Our thoughts are with Bryan Stow and his family as he remains in a coma.


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