Let’s Be Honest…

16 May

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

We’d like to begin by wishing Cam Netwon a happy belated birthday. His cake is just as extra as he is.

Who do we have to talk to to get rid of the talking basketball and “fast” rapper commercials during NBA games?

You have to give it up for the Memphis Grizzlies for getting as far as they did in the NBA playoffs.  Then you have to take some away for how the played in Game 7.

Let’s hope Russell Westbrook doesn’t see what kind of company he’s keeping with that triple-double in Game 7.  The last thing the Thunder needs is for him to get too full of himself…again.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook look like they fit RIGHT in in Oklahoma with these post game looks.

The Dallas Mavericks have been off since sweeping the Lakers.  Is that enough time for 56 year old Jason Kidd to rest?

I have a feeling Dwyane Wade is going to wish he didn’t jump when Taj Gibson made his move.

And if you didn’t think Oprah ruled Chicago you know now she does. The Bulls had to move their game from Tuesday to Sunday for Oprah to have the United Center for her farewell show.

In a bold and commendable move, Rick Welts, President and CEO of the Phoenix Suns, revealed he is gay. Let’s hope this will bring more tolerance and awareness to the sports world.

Did you catch Ochocinco’s new hustle of bullriding? Either you missed it because it was only 1.5 seconds long or that it took so long for him to actually be featured (I get it, greater exposure for the sport).

Jorge Posada took himself out of the Yankee lineup after deciding he didn’t want to bat 9th.  I hope Jorge Posada realizes that batting 9th is better that not batting at all.

David Toms missed a costly putt in the Players Championship.  It can’t feel good to lose $700,00 even if you do win a million for second place.

Tiger Woods pulled out of the tournament after shooting horribly the first few holes.  Have we seen the last of a competitive Tiger?

I’d like to know who picked San Jose to make it to the NHL Finals…and who is picking them to beat Vancouver?

Hockey player Derek Boogard was found dead in his apartment last week and his family has submitted his brain for concussion research. Let us hope that concussion injuries are taken seriously by the major leagues going forward.

Lastly, rest in peace to Boogard and Ron Springs, former Dallas Cowboys running back and father of NFL cornerback Shawn Springs, who succumbed to a lengthy battle with diabetes.

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One response to “Let’s Be Honest…

  1. Horace Mann Byrd

    May 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    I think Wade realize he was just made a poster after that dunk! But did you see Gibson second dunk ( in my smokey voice) DAYUUUM! I laugh because after all the with Posada he still received a stand 0 for his walk. SMH ( New Yorkers go figure ) But lastly its a CEO coming out not a player. So I dont think this is monumental.

    GO 0’s and I’m out!


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