Let’s Be Honest…

09 May

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

So now that Ohio State’s football program is under investigation (again) for selling 50 cars to athletes and their families will they FINALLY get more than a slap on the wrist from the NCAA?

Meanwhile, the hate keeps coming for Jim Tressel (and I don’t blame them). Folks in Michigan are airing their distaste.

Gary Williams retired from the University of Maryland last week.  While we’re genuinely sorry to see him go, it was time as he was not interested in playing today’s game when it came to recruiting.

Seeing how 4 candidates have already turned down the University of Maryland job, do we think Debbie Yow was really the problem as Gary would have had us believe?

Former Dukie Jeff Capel is returning to the Blue Devils as an assistant coach. Coach K threw him a line for the short term but he’ll probably end up on his feet somewhere.

We’re sorry to hear that Gus Johnson has left CBS.  Now who will make games that no one would ever consider watching interesting?

I don’t think anyone expected the Lakers to not win a single game against the Dallas Mavericks and bow out of the NBA playoffs. Not a great possible send off for Phil Jackson but it does make a lot of people happy.

If the rumors are true that Vanessa Bryant caused the breakup of Pau Gasol and his girlfriend are we still seeing Kobe pay for that night in Colorado?

After putting up 32 shots in Sunday’s loss to the Bulls you cannot help but to compare Derrick Rose to Allen Iverson.  The only consolation is most of Rose’s misses were in the painted area and weren’t errant jumpshots.

Speaking of errant jumpshots can someone PLEASE put last night’s Hawks game on a loop for Josh Smith so he can see how he should NEVER leave the painted area and shoot again?

And while you’re at it someone please show Russell Westbrook a clip of Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury so he can see how things will play out for him if he keeps playing the way he does.  Then someone please let him know he’s the Stephon Marbury of the group.

Did anyone have the Memphis Grizzlies being this much of a problem in the playoffs?  It seems the only way to beat them is to get inside the head of Zach Randolph and stay there.

Celtics Rajon Rondo’s elbow injury looked horrific but he took it like a man and came back and played with one hand. But there’s a good chance now that the adrenaline is gone, he won’t be available for a while.

Chris Bosh told the media that he was “nervous” in Saturday’s game 3 against the Celtics.  I’m sure KG is going to make him wish he NEVER said that come gametime.  I’m sure he was up all weekend working on trash talk.

Word is some NFL teams have broken the lockout “rules” and attempted to get in contact with undrafted free agents through their agents. Hey NFL, how about y’all come to agreement or lift the lockout if you want to handle team business so badly?

So it seems that by virtually unanimous decision that the winner of the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight wasn’t even one of the men in the ring but Bella Gonzalez, Mosley’s girlfriend.

At Sunday’s Wells Fargo Championship on the PGA Tour a sudden death golf off was needed between two former college teammates. Now that’s an interesting game of golf (or as interesting as you can get without involving Tiger Woods somehow).

Congrats to Justin Verlander on his no-hitter.  The second in a week for MLB.  Are we now going to focus on pitching since steroids has taken away a lot of power hitting?


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