Let’s Be Honest…

02 May

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The ratings for the NFL Draft dropped from last year.  David Stern needs to take note, if the NFL Draft loses fan interest with labor strife, the NBA would fall completely off the map.

After being drafted overall #1 by the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton proved his country roots by saying, “it’s not going to be instant like instant grits. It’s going to be like collard greens” with regards to his impact on the team.  Oh Cam.  Something tells me the media is going to LOVE covering him.

I think the display of emotion by Von Miller and Mark Ingram at the NFL Draft was beautiful. Wouldn’t you be feeling some kind of way if you were going to be a millionaire or heard an emotional message from your father in jail? Have a heart folks.

Now that the NFL Draft is over can the league and players focus on getting a product on the field in the fall?

Since the two sides can’t work it out in mediation and because of the reinstated lockout, as soon as the NFL Draft ended teams were unable to contact their newly acquired players. Most rookies didn’t get a chance to get a playbook, I foresee a mess on the field in the future.

And as if the lockout hasn’t affected enough people and events the dates of several BCS bowl games are in limbo and can’t be set until the NFL season is set. *sigh*

The NHL Playoffs have been riveting in the first round with several game sevens and overtimes.  It’s really too bad most people can’t find it to watch it.

If you were lucky enough to find it, you had to feel good for Roberto Luongo after being pulled as goalie in the middle of the series he was able to help Vancouver to a victory over the Blackhawks when it mattered.

People seemed to take far too much joy in the Spurs loss.  Surely they weren’t the most exciting team in the league but they were the most consistent since getting Tim Duncan (.699 winning percentage since drafting him).

Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies should be a superstar but since he’d probably be voted most likely to incite a melee a la Ron Artest don’t expect to see him on any league promotions.

Speaking of Ron Artest, how great was it to hear he won the league’s Citizenship Award for his work as an advocate for mental health?

Heat/Celtics, the match up everyone wanted, is finally here.  Hopefully someone will notify the Celtics that the series has started and get Paul Pierce to calm down a smidge.

Kudos to Auburn University for putting the rivalry aside and reaching out to help the University of Alabama after Tuscaloosa was hit by a devastating tornado. Now that’s good sportsmanship (note to the tree killer).

Watch as the news of Osama bin Laden’s capture made its way around the stadium during the Mets/Phillies game.  It seems the players were last to know.

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One response to “Let’s Be Honest…

  1. Tamblyn

    May 10, 2011 at 9:48 am

    My facebook post on draft day, “I hope Cecil Reggie Bush Newton pays those boosters back.” Of course I had to shut people down who felt the need to comment of my post. I also had to remind a fellow HBCU grad her azz didn’t attend Auburn nor was she a Panther fan last season. Now all of a sudden you a ride or die Spam Newton fan? GTFOHWTBS!!!!! Dude started showing off his 2011 Range Rover after Auburn won the NC. There will be a whole lot of folks with egg on their face when all this blows back up in Spam Newtons and his daddy’s face. And I will remind all the folks who felt the need to talk shiggidy to me how stupid they are 🙂 OH did I mention I despised all things Auburn, Alabama, and Spam Newton? LOL!!


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