PSA: Women Love Sports Too

21 Apr

That should go without saying on this blog but lately I’ve come across comments made by men (on Twitter of course) on how it’s not such a good thing if women enjoy sports. Say what?! Really?! Beyond the obvious thought that Twitter seems to bring out the stupid inner thoughts of people I felt the need to object to the sweeping generalizations being made.

A statement was made about sports loving women being all up on their men while watching sports. First off (winding neck…j/k), these two sporty girlz enjoy sports just as much if not more than most men and I know when I’m watching I don’t want to be bothered until commercials. What makes you think I want to be all up on someone while I’m watching my team? When I’m at the bar watching a Ravens game I don’t like when people ask me questions while I’m focused. They get short answers or a “hold on.” I think that if a man’s lady is into sports enough she will respect his space and she expects the same in return when she’s glued to the HD. Give us some credit.

Some of us know our stuff and are willing to go toe to toe when it comes to defending our team, favorite player, or opinion. Yet I read that some men have a problem with this. Why? We should all be able to defend our team(s) so it shouldn’t be a problem when someone gets worked up, male or female. I know I speak of the Ravens as we, like I’m on the team, and I will go hard for them. That’s what fans do though, right? It’s not a case of one upping, I’m better than you, or I know more than you but an expression of passionate fandom. If it is one of those three things then they are a butthole and there is no point in debating/arguing.

Then there is the other side, the woman who wants to learn and wants to be engaged but doesn’t know much of anything. Now she may ask a fair amount of questions but she deserves kudos for even wanting to learn. For these women, they just might want to spend some time with their man, participating in something he enjoys and values. What is so wrong with that? If it’s the Super Bowl or the NCAA Final Four just nicely let her know that a post-game review session will be held (she might not know it’s the most important game of the season). For me it was a kind stranger in the stands explaining the concepts and rules of football at a high school game to spark my interest in the game itself. And I, along with my friends, asked A LOT of questions. Thank you kind sir.

Bottom line, we get when men value something so much and need to focus or be left alone (and if your lady doesn’t…well, that’s on you). If ground rules need to be set, so be it. Please don’t take the gripes with previous women or misconceived thoughts about sporty girlz out on us. That does us all a disservice.

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One response to “PSA: Women Love Sports Too

  1. Diane Tutell

    April 25, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Being a sports fan has been very beneficial in past relationships. I can have a conversation with them and not sound like a complete idiot.


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