Let’s Be Honest…

18 Apr

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

So Jimmer Fredette gets to take his classes online because he’s NOW a distraction at BYU.  How is he a distraction now that the season is over?  That makes no sense.  Get that ethics panel together and get back to us with a better excuse.

Kobe got fined 100K for calling a referee a derogatory word.  The fine is definitely warranted but don’t you kinda think if it were a lesser player and the playoffs weren’t starting there would be a suspension involved?

Nobody cares who wins the Atlanta/Orlando playoff series.  As a matter of fact, if there was a way for both teams to lose a lot of people would be happy.

Derrick Rose is good.  Real good.

Is there anyone that scores with as much ease as Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

The combo of Durant and Russell Westbrook is going to be scary for MANY MANY MANY years barring injury.  I’m sure this doesn’t please former Seattle Supersonics fans at all.

The Nuggets were close but without Carmelo they don’t have anyone to take the kill shot at the end.  Ironically, with Carmelo they probably wouldn’t have even been in it at the end.

The San Antonio Spurs just aren’t the same team without Manu Ginobili.

If you ever had doubt about Miami’s standing as a sports town look no further than the white coverings on the seat used to make it seem like the game was sold out.

Perhaps they told the fans that were present in the arena that it was a white party. We all know Miami likes a good party.

Ouch Knick fans, that had to hurt.

Nick Saban, coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, had his bronze statue unveiled at the Walk of Champions outside of the UA football stadium to commemorate the team’s 2009 BCS National Championship. It looks scary to me.

Barry Bonds is only found guilty of obstruction of justice.  Marion Jones clearly needed a better defense team.

10 NFL players have been arrested already this off season.  Proving once again that idle hands are the devil’s handiwork.

ESPN keeps trying but does anyone really care about the NFL draft this year?

Yet we did get some good news, Mike Mayock will replace NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football team of Matt Millen and Joe Theismann. Hallelujah!

Well hello Calvin Johnson we see what you’re up to in this offseason


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