Let’s Be Honest…

28 Mar

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Jimmer Fredette was 11 of 28 and BYU lost a close game to Florida.  I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Jimmer.  Some players find a way to make it in the NBA and some players are just…Adam Morrison.

Apparently, no one told Richmond and Marquette they were allowed to be competitive in the Sweet 16.

No one really believes Jared Sullinger when he says he’ll be back at Ohio State next year after losing to Kentucky.

After leading Butler to their second consecutive Final Four, will Brad Stevens build a dominant program there or will he seek the greener pastures of a larger conference?

How much money did Derrick Williams of Arizona make himself with his NCAA tournament play?  But I’m still not sure I agree with taking a 3 when a 2 would have tied the game.

VCU has shown that they deserved their spot in the NCAA tournament and we should not underestimate the play-in/first round teams.

Kudos to the two folks (out of 5.9 million) that are still contenders in ESPN’s Bracket Challenge. You’re probably like the rest of us, including the President, who have none of their picks in the Final Four (Robin is speaking for herself since I am a master and have UConn still standing).

Gus Johnson should be allowed to call any sport he wants.  Everything is better with Gus.

Now that Mike Anderson has taken the head coaching job at Arkansas and some no name is at Tennessee who will be NC State’s pick? Sean Miller of Arizona? Shaka Smart of VCU? Mark Fox of Georgia?

Pat Summit is no joke, especially during her halftime speeches. Let’s hope the UT Lady Vols win it all otherwise I’m scared for the players in their post-game talk.

Tiger Woods kept his name on the leader board until Saturday but sadly no one cared because March Madness supersedes everything.

The Knicks look pretty bad after the Melo trade…well actually they look about the same.  How hot is D’antoni’s seat right now?

It seems as though Jalen Rose and Grant Hill have made up and announced it via Twitter. Great! Now can we dead this melodrama?

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