Let’s Be Honest…

14 Mar

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Kemba Walker is a beast and deserves a much needed break for putting UCONN on his back in 5 games 5 days straight.

We all knew Duke was not going to allow UNC to beat them two times in a row.

Even the Ivy League teams were battling hard but their fans need to work on their signs, a little too high brow.

The new tournament seeding is a little confusing.  How do you play on Tuesday for an 11/12 seed?  How is that not a play-in game?

More outrage than normal has been launched at this year’s NCAA tournament selection, leaving out Virginia Tech, Colorado, and Alabama for UAB and VCU.

How does Duke always manage to get an “easy” bracket year in and year out?

The Fab Five documentary once again highlighted the need to fix the system in college sports.  No reason those players should make millions for the university while begging for pizza money.

Have The Miami Heat finally gotten all its parts in working and productive order?

With a little over a month left in the regular season isn’t it time we started to pay attention to the NBA’s CBA issue?

Speaking of the CBA, please read Bill Simmons’ column on the issue, this is how you break it down so EVERYONE understands.

The blame game over the NFL negotiations are very polarizing. It’s creating a distinct line amongst fans on whether they fault the owners or the players.

Tom Zbikowski of the Baltimore Ravens side hustle is working for him with his first round TKO in his boxing match on Saturday. Watch out Ocho!

We all knew that NCAA Football fans are the most die hard but for Ohio State fans to force ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit to move from Columbus to Nashville is so gangsta!

Now let’s give it up for those Hampton University Pirates for winning the MEAC Championship Tournament for both men’s and women’s basketball! (This is all Robin)

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