Lockout Insurance – Is Your Team Prepared?

09 Mar reports that Anquan Boldin commented that the Ravens should be in good shape should there be a work stoppage due to a stall in Collective Bargaining Agreement talks between the NFL and the Player’s Association. Boldin is hopeful that an agreement will be reached but given the low turnover of coaching staff and players the Ravens have an edge. Now that sounds great and all and I think highly of my team but could we really be prepared in a matter of weeks, without OTAs (organized team activities), training camp, minicamp, etc.? That means relying on players individually prepping and staying in the best, or as close to best is possible, playing condition on their own. I would like to think that the Ravens have some of the most disciplined players in the NFL but they have a lot of resources available to them at the team’s facility that they will no longer have access to. And that’s just my team, which is full of veterans.

Is your team ready for the possibility of no organized training or preparation? Do they have “insurance” in case of a lockout? Do they even have the assurances of their players that some form of working out will be done during these negotiations? I feel bad for young squads like the Carolina Panthers who may not have a leader(s) in the locker room that steps up and organizes activities or could help pull together the team within a short period of time for the season if needed. And doesn’t Carolina have enough stacked against them, poor Panthers fans.

Which leads me to my other area of concern, what about those player-led workouts that are being proposed by various players, including Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles and Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs. How likely is that to happen? I think it’s a great idea but it seems inevitable that there will be a whistle-blower/complainer and nothing will come of it, or perhaps very little. Someone always finds fault, even during sanctioned NFL workouts. And let’s not forget if a player gets hurt they are on their own for paying those medical bills and getting a proper rehab program. That’s a big risk. I want to be optimistic, I really do, but I’m concerned. Let’s hope something comes of this week-long extension of mediation. What say you?

SN: FINALLY! A Ravens-related post for me!

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One response to “Lockout Insurance – Is Your Team Prepared?

  1. RavensFanIndeed

    March 10, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Yay – A Ravens post:) You bring up great points. Good intentions are nice and all but being dependent on player lead efforts is a gamble. And the Ravens do seem to have an edge. Ray Lewis does not seem like a foe I would want to have. This whole lock out is NOT a good look.


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