Let’s Be Honest…

06 Mar

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The CIAA Championships took place in Charlotte but I bet most of the attendees weren’t even aware basketball was being played (congrats to the winners: Shaw University).

North Carolina deserves kudos for beating Duke and winning the ACC regular season title but don’t we kinda figure we’ll see that rematch next weekend in the ACC Championship game?

This college basketball season has left us no clear favorite which means the tournament could be the most exciting in years.

After losing a 24 point lead to the Magic at home and being handed their worst loss of the season the next night by the Spurs, is any team in the Eastern Conference afraid of the Heat in the playoffs?

Additionally, buzzer beaters are no friend of “El Heat” regardless of who has their hands on the ball last.

AND those post-game press conferences are just plain uncomfortable. We’d feel more at ease if they just started crying (like coach Spo told us they did in the locker room).

Now the question is if it’s time for the few fans that are in the stands at America Airlines Arena to start wearing bags over their heads (designer ones of course, it is Miami)?

Derrick Rose is the NBA’s MVP…people need to hush that LeBron noise.

Someone apparently woke up the Lakers, they are 7-0 since the All Star break and mollywhopped the Spurs yesterday.

Yet another winner takes the checkered flag in this week’s NASCAR (Sprint Cup) race when Carl Edwards drove into Victory Lane in Las Vegas. This could get interesting (if you won’t watch, we’ll keep you updated).

Danica Patrick made history by finishing in fourth, the highest place for a woman in NASCAR, at this weekend’s Nationwide Series race in Las Vegas. Congrats Danica! *place cliche “go gurl” phrase here*

Carson Palmer threatening retirement and demanding a trade seems to not be considered a big deal. That’s interesting considering whenever Chad Johnson (refuse to acknowledge the name change) speaks about the Bengals he’s considered a distraction and troublemaker.

The NFL has never seen a negotiator like DeMaurice Smith as the head of the player’s association.  Gene Upshaw served them well for years but this is completely different.

No one thought there would be a deal on the CBA before summer but this week’s events leads you to believe something will happen sooner rather than later.

May Wes Leonard Rest In Peace.  What a tragic story.

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