Let’s Be Honest…

28 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Did you see all those empty seats at American Airlines Arena for the Knicks vs. Heat game? Disgrace!

The hometown Heat lost a nice lead and the game to the visiting Knicks showing once again the big three needs some big help.

Did you catch Grant Hill putting up 34 points against the Pacers, playing like he was a youngin’? Oh. Yeah, me neither.

Now that the NBA trade deadline has passed will anyone care about the league again until the playoffs?

Cam Newton has gotten mixed reviews on his performance at the NFL combine, the question is whether he is as good as he thinks he is.

The stock is rising for Julio Jones, wide receiver from Alabama. I bet Cam wishes he was in his shoes.

Now that I know Julio’s first name is Quintorris I will never be the same (things you learn while watching the combine).

Stephen Paea from Oregon State kicked azz and benchpressed a new record of 49 times at the combine. He got to 40 and wasn’t even winded! Whew!

Those new Under Armor shirts worn by a few players at the combine were…different. They contain sensors that monitor and share heart-rate, breathing rate, G-force, and acceleration. Could it be less conspicuous though?

Martin Kaymer is now the new #1 golf player in the world.  Yeah I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup either.  Tiger better get it together before golf goes back to bowling status.

Rumors are that the NFL player’s union is going to decertify this week, looks like this CBA is going to drag out for a few months.

It looks like Nnamdi Asomugha is free for the taking now that Al Davis has spent so much money on other players. Everyone wants him on their team, where will he land?

Did NASCAR get the variety it was looking for with its rule changes? Jeff Gordon snapped his 66-race winless streak this weekend in Phoenix (although, Jimmie Johnson came in second).

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