Empire State of Mind

22 Feb

Well, here’s this non-NBA fan’s take on Carmelo Anthony and his trade. I like Carmelo. I’m from the Baltimore area and he represents Bmore well. So I wished him the best throughout all of this. This trade talk lasted a LONG time, but I wasn’t annoyed like I was with Brett Favre (remember my rant on that, lol).

One thing I’ve never liked about the NBA is making major trades in the middle of the season. If you’re favorite player is gone, do you follow them or stick with the team? Sometimes consistency is hard to come by in the sport. I don’t fault fans that follow their star and become Knicks fans. I can’t blame ‘Melo for wanting out of Denver either. Wouldn’t you? He’s sitting in a market that hasn’t seen much success and watching others triumph over and over again. Plus he’s an East Coast native and so is his wife. Sometimes you want to be close to home.

So Carmelo (and La La) has been reunited with his birthplace of good ol’ New York. Works for me! My only concern is Isiah Thomas. I do not trust that dude. He is definitely shady and his ethics are very questionable. Remember his overdose and the attempted cover up and who could forget the sexual harassment lawsuit. Oh, one more thing, he was fired by the Knicks before! So I’m wondering what happens behind closed doors in the Knicks’ office but I’m sure as long as they’re winning come next season no one will care. I just wonder that should all of this not pay off or winning results not come quick enough will it get ugly. I will definitely be paying more attention to this than actual games (sorry, it’s more intriguing to me). However, I will be sure to watch Sunday night’s game of Knicks vs. Heat. I’m not into awards shows anyway, lol.

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