Let’s Be Honest…

21 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

The flashy, metallic imprinted uniforms worn during the NBA All-Star game made them look like futuristic break dancers.

Justin Bieber winning the Celebrity Game MVP over Scottie Pippen making all of those three pointers was a travesty.

The coaches as hype men during the Dunk Contest was a little unnecessary. Ok, a lot unnecessary.

The Kia Optima was a great prop (you know you were checking it out) but Blake jumped over the hood so the dunk wasn’t all that impressive.

It’s too bad Javale McGee isn’t a bigger name, the two basket dunk was creative and had anyone else done it they would have won it all.

What is the point of allowing the fans to decide who wins the dunk contest if they can vote before any dunks occur?

Serge Ibaka was screwed.  His dunk was from the free throw line, further than anyone else in the past.

Was Darryl Dawkins’ forest green leopard print suit a tribute to Craig Sager?

More attention was paid to Kenny Smith’s wife during the All-Star Fantasy Draft than to Charles Barkley choosing Allen Iverson over Michael Jordan.

JaVale McGee’s Mom was working it too!

Kobe Bryant was having fun but being a jerk at the same time. He was such a ballhog!

Rihanna’s performance during halftime of the All-Star game was far more modern than anything the NFL will ever do, sadly she should be seen and not heard.

How awesome is Trevor Bayne, a Sprint Cup rookie, to win the Daytona 500 and it’s his first race? And he’s the youngest to do so at 20.

Based on all the crashes, NASCAR will probably be changing the rules again.

With all of the Top 4 NCAA basketball teams dropping a game last week what will this year’s bracket look like?

Thank goodness there an end in sight for Carmelo Anthony’s trade talk (the trade deadline can’t come soon enough).

A third-party mediator was brought in to assist in the talks with the NFL and the Players Association yet a lockout seems imminent. What’s hockey looking like?

Al Davis’ gangsta knows know bounds.  While the other owners are sitting on their hands, he’s signed Richard Seymour to a contract that makes him the highest paid defensive player in the league.

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