Let’s Talk About Love

14 Feb

As the NBA prepares for the All-Star break one of the dynamic, young players in the league not named Griffin or Durant finally gets some of the spotlight, Kevin Love.  NBA diehards are keenly aware of Kevin Love and occasionally ESPN shows footage of him on SportsCenter.  How is an All-Star virtually overlooked you might ask?  It’s because he plays in Minnesota.

Minnesota might be one of the worst run franchises in the entire NBA.  Who else can claim drafting Ricky Rubio, a player who decided he would rather remain in Spain than play for them.  The Timberwolves roster is a who’s who of who’s that.  The starting lineup features Miami Heat throwaway Michael Beasley and several other players who were stars in college but have yet to make a splash in the NBA (this means you Luke Ridnour, Jonny Flynn, and Corey Brewer).   The standout among them is Kevin Love.  Love is averaging 21 points and 15 rebounds per game for the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves.  He currently has recorded 40 straight double-double performances.  Sadly the Timberwolves have the second worst record in the Western Conference at 13-41, only Sacramento has a worse winning percentage.

We’ve seen this story before and it doesn’t end well for the Timberwolves.  Kevin Garnett gave his best years to the team displaying loyalty the league will likely never see again.  In the era of Lebron’s decision and Carmelo currently holding the Denver Nuggets hostage, what are the chances Minnesota will keep Kevin Love?  Across twitter you often see the hashtag #FreeKevinLove when he has a remarkable game (like his 31 point 31 rebound effort against the New York Knicks in November).  The honorable thing to do is to trade him somewhere where his talent and enthusiasm would pay off.  I have no confidence in the Timberwolves’ general manager, David Kahn, to be able to build a good team around him.  Kahn is notorious for questionable personnel moves (see the Darko Milic signing this past summer).  Kahn is also most likely to get rid of Love and get magic beans in exchange.

Unless someone is able to convince Kahn to part with his star, he’s likely stuck in Minnesota until the end of his contract.  So I hope you enjoy seeing Kevin Love on Sunday night.  It’s likely the last you’ll see of him until this time next year.

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