Let’s Be Honest…

14 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

Duke should have won against UNC, there is no reason Duke shouldn’t have been ahead for the entire game.

(Disregard the team, just listen to the chant)

No one is really surprised Ohio State lost to Wisconsin. However, the fans spitting on OSU players is not a good look.

Let’s hope things in the NCAA pickup as Selection Sunday is only four weeks away.

The Cleveland Cavaliers snapped their record breaking losing streak and contrary to popular belief it was not to the Washington Wizards.

As soon as the Cavaliers got on the winning side of things they promptly gave the Washington Wizards their first road win.

The Miami Heat really don’t want to face the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs (how do you not win when Pierce scores ONE point).

Big ups to Rajon Rondo for taking on LeBron and doing his best to psych the Heat out. It was funny but showed a whole lot of heart.

Now that Ray Allen has surpassed Reggie Miller in three point shots made (in fewer games with fewer attempts) can we agree that Ray is the purest shooter in league history?

Everyone said the LA Lakers couldn’t win against the better teams in the NBA, their current road trip would suggest otherwise (wins against the Hornets, Celtics, Knicks).

Carmelo Anthony needs to shut up and play.  The whole taking his hat off to himself quote was unnecessary and stupid.

And if we cared a bit more we’d be tired of the stories of where Carmelo is going.

Hockey is so real right now! It’s turned into the MMA.

Tiger Woods just isn’t putting together four good rounds of golf these days.  When do you recall Tiger starting Sunday 1 shot back and ending up 7 shots back?

I know football is gone (indefinitely it seems) but someone should tell NBC that Rugby is not a good substitute on a Sunday afternoon.

This Harrison Barnes dunk is everything that is right in college basketball.

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