Let’s Be Honest (Super Bowl Week Edition)

06 Feb

Our unfiltered thoughts on the biggest game in sports

Cris Carter being left out of the Hall of Fame is bad, but aren’t we glad Richard Dent finally made it in?

Doesn’t it suck that Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe will be forced to wear the HOF jackets at the induction, wouldn’t it be much more fun to see what ensembles they would choose?

(Forward to 16 sec. for Prime Time)

Hey ESPN, I know Sundays are for bowling but do you really think the Celebrity Bowling Challenge is going to get people to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday?

Is there really a need for a six hour pre-game show?

Did Christina Aguilera think we needed a remix of The National Anthem?

How on earth did 1200 people end up unable to sit in their $900 pre-purchased seats at the stadium?

Halftime was nothing but a light show. Folks got blinded by the lights a la New Year’s Eve/Disney World.

Fergie should NEVER try to sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” EVER EVER EVER again.  Not even Slash could save that.

The commercials weren’t all that entertaining and the Doritos ad with the finger licker was just disgusting.

Oh, the injuries. This game was full of them. What kind of turf did Jerry Jones have installed?

How come after playing with the Redskins Antwaan Randle El is way more useful and makes better plays with the Steelers? I would include Shaun Suisham in this but he showed his true colors.

With all the talk about Troy Polomalu and Clay Matthews before the game it’s a shame we didn’t hear much about them during it.

No one thought the Packers defense would be the better of the two (especially after losing Charles Woodson).

Jordy Nelson had the worst best game possible.

Aaron Rodgers may have set some sort of record if his receivers hadn’t dropped so many passes.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are the kings of double talk. “Oh, he was there before the ball.” 2 seconds later: “Oh, it was a good non-call.”

All that speculation and we didn’t get to see the new overtime rules in action.

Brett Keisel in the post game looked like he belonged in ZZ Top.

Take THAT Brett Favre! And you too Big Ben!

Green Bay accomplishes it’s goal: the play on the field speaks for itself. Congrats to the Pack!

How much will you miss football if the two sides can’t sort out the CBA?

Now who’s ready for NASCAR!!!!!

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