Road to the Super Bowl

04 Feb

A tale of two different teams and the media

I am truly disappointed with the sports media this year. It may be because I’m paying more attention because of this blog or because I can’t stand the Steelers. If you didn’t know I (Robin) am a Ravens fan and I despise the Steelers. I am still bitter about our playoff loss (AGAIN). But what is really killing me right now about this Super Bowl is how much attention is being given to the Steelers. I feel that they’ve been featured way more than the Packers. I can’t watch Sports Center without a new piece on Ben Roethlisberger. And this may be the case because Green Bay hasn’t been doing a whole lot of talking, or clubbing, and is waiting for the big day for their play to speak for itself. Wow! Imagine that! Aaron Rodgers learned his lesson from talking crazy regarding the team picture and wised up at media day. So we’re left with sound bites and video clips of James Harrison, Hines Ward, Perv, and the rest of them talking and acting crazy. It’s driving me nuts! And another thing: WHY are we still talking about Brett Favre?! It’s not his team anymore! If there is any way the sports media can insert him to another story they will. Ugh! Just play the damn game!

The weather is not Jerry Jones’ friend

The best part of this WHOLE thing is apparently Mother Nature hates Jerry Jones.  This is important to me because I (Alba) as a Redskins fan hate him too.  This week, the Dallas area has experienced snow, ice, freezing rain, and freezing cold temperatures.  Dallas is not prepared for this type of weather as it isn’t a regular occurrence so the situation is magnified (unlike in a city like Detroit which would look at the 4 inches of snow and laugh).  Restaurants that expected to make $850,000 this week have stated they will be happy now to make $85,000.  No one is spending any money at Jerry World because no one wants to go out in this weather.  Even the analysts on ESPN wised up and started wearing coats after freezing their tails off on Monday.  The best part of it all,  those $200 lawn seats to watch the game on the big screen will likely not be the cash cow Jerry expected.  And apparently now the sky/ice is falling at Jerry World injuring at least 6 people. I suppose I should pay attention to the game and maybe I will come Sunday but for now I’m enjoying watching Jerry play spin doctor and try to defend Dallas as a Super Bowl destination.


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2 responses to “Road to the Super Bowl

  1. skrapdiggy

    February 4, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    I don’t like the matchup…probably because I’m still bitter about my Falcons but there’s the potential for a pretty good game here. Great offense against a good defense. Hate to admit it but this might be one of the better Super Bowls in recent years.

    • thesportygirlz

      February 4, 2011 at 6:07 pm

      Well we are both in the bitter playoff losers club. But I’ll be cheering for the Pack (clearly) and I expect to be entertained. If the Steelers do win I will be in mourning for a few weeks.



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