Let’s Be Honest…

31 Jan

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports.

Kudos to the NBA for broadcasting good games during the “off” week in football.

If you haven’t been watching the Oklahoma City Thunder it’s not too late to start (and to jump on the bandwagon).

Dang KG! I didn’t know they made band-aids that big!

Kobe showed that he still has the will to win, sadly the rest of his team showed that they don’t.

As soon as we post about NCAA Basketball Duke goes out and proves they suck by getting beat down by St John’s (yet ANOTHER Big East team).

On the same note, Jimmer and ‘nem went out and lost to New Mexico.

After watching the NHL All Star festivities, some hockey players are aiight. *thumbs up*

In the NHL SuperSkills challenge, the All Stars seemed to be having fun but some of those challenges looked seriously hard.

The NHL All star game and the Pro Bowl are both useless contests no one really plays hard and neither is any fun to watch.

The Pro Bowl would be better as a flag football competition.

Those Hawaiian shirts they wear during the Pro Bowl are so offensive to the eyes.

The NFL’s band selections suck so much now. Why not skip it altogether? Everyone else does (can we say bathroom break).

Did you watch the Pro Bowl in its entirety? Did you think about killing yourself at any time?

Apparently, the fans in the stadium were just as bored as us watching on TV and decided to make it more interesting by running on the field.

The best part of the Pro Bowl was watching the Fox robot shake his hips “BJ Raji style,” doing the hula.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need to question his teammates on IR. It’s a team pic, they should be in it. ‘Nuff said!

No one is really surprised that Ben Roethlisberger was basically a jerk to everyone including his teammates.

We’re all ready for the Super Bowl next week but no one is ready for football to be over.

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