Let’s Be Honest…

17 Jan

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports

Lebron has missed a few games with a sprained ankle will the rest of the world realize the Heat is one injury away from being the Bucks?

Duke lost for the first time but you think they’ll still take the ACC in a landslide?

Either you love Duke or you hate Duke.  Has any team been more polarizing in sports?

After the Fiesta Bowl did anyone REALLY think Cam Newton and Nick Fairley would return to Auburn for their senior seasons?

Cam Netwon will be this year’s Tim Tebow in the draft. Who wants to take a gamble?

Did anyone think the Ravens/Steelers game would have more offense than Oregon/Auburn?

The Ravens signed Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmanzadeh to make a difference offensively and they did…they both dropped key passes. [Robin is still grieving]

People completely overlooked the Atlanta Falcons this season and now we know why.

The most interesting thing about the Seahawks/Bears was the singing of the national anthem.

There is no reason for the grass on Bears field to be that hard and brown.  Somebody call Tru-Green to fix that.

Tom Brady is a huffer.

The Jets were amazingly able to back up all of that week’s smacktalk.

Tom Brady probably went home and discussed the loss with Giselle while they brushed each other’s hair while wearing their UGG boots.

This is why you shouldn’t interview players immediately after games too much adrenaline leads to aggression and lots of spitting while talking.

The ESPN MLK Town Hall had its heart in the right place but it made no sense to air it on a Friday evening at 6 (heaven forbid they show it on Monday and interrupt their programming).

And related to that have you caught the Content of Character segments they’ve been airing throughout the week? Not sure if I’m impressed by them or not.

Has anyone contemplated the idea of no NFL if this Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t get handled? Has it hit you yet?

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