As the Coaching Carousel Turns

06 Jan

It turns out Black Monday wasn’t as bloody as most of us thought. Perhaps this was the case because quite a few coaches had been axed in the preceding weeks. Let’s review shall we, Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys, who has just recently been hired by the Houston Texans; Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos, eh; and Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers, he makes great sound bites. I’m not sure whether to include John Fox of the Carolina Panthers (what a mess they are) in that group because he was told ahead of time that his services were no longer needed and he was well aware that the end was in sight.

The only person actually fired on Black Monday was Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns and that was a messy situation. I like Eric Mangini and I think he’s a good coach. There wasn’t much a coach could do in Cleveland with the only bright spot being Peyton Hillis (thanks McDaniels). I’m sure Mangini always had Mike Holmgren, President of the Browns, breathing down his neck. I believe that Holmgren was simply tolerating Mangini since he wasn’t his hire. It had to be a stressful position for the coach. Even if the Browns broke even for the season he would have been gone. The AFC North is a tough division and unfortunately the Browns tend to be at the bottom of it regardless of who is the coach.

One of the shockers for me was the ousting of Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders. Cable led the Raiders to their first winning season in eight years and to the top of their division, although that did not mean a bid in the playoffs (which is another story). But then again I shouldn’t be that shocked because we are talking about Al Davis here. He will be on his 14th head coach. :-\ I feel sorry for Raiders fans.

The other surprise was Marvin Lewis staying with the Cincinnati Bengals. Honestly, I wanted Lewis to go because I like this guy too. And while I’m being honest, Cincinnati sucks! Something is not right with this team and it’s more than just Carson Palmer. I feel like they need to just start over. This team will never be what Lewis needs them to be and he’s not going to get whatever the owners promised him to come back. They are lying! They never gave him it before what’s another year going to do. At this point Marv is affecting his legacy and ability to be hired in the future. I am none too pleased about this one. Plus as a Ravens fan I’d love to have him back. 🙂

Now finally on to the biggest newsmaker on this topic: Jim Harbaugh. He is the most popular kid in school right now. Everyone wants to interview him. Everyone wants to hire him. No one knows what he plans to do. So far three teams have interviewed or will interview him: San Francisco, Miami, and Denver. The Miami Dolphins are ready to hire him and they haven’t even satisfied the Rooney Rule yet nor have they fired their current head coach. That doesn’t make a bit of sense. And poor San Francisco feels like they don’t have a shot anymore because they can’t offer Miami money (awww). This story keeps getting better and better.

And since this post has gotten long enough I will briefly mention the rest: Minnesota Vikings decided to take the interim tag off for Leslie Frazier, I thank him for closing the door to Favre *thumbs up*; Gary Kubiak is staying with the Houston Texans; Jason Garrett was announced as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday; no word of ejection from the New York Giants or Arizona Cardinals; and the Tennessee Titans decided to keep head coach Jeff Fisher over the immature, fussy, somewhat unstable quarterback we call Vince Young. Ok, I’m done. I didn’t expect to go that long. Sorry. lol

Update on Friday: Sources report the Dolphins will stick with Tony Sparano. Uh huh. He’s feeling real secure right now.

Update #2: The Denver Broncos are not expected to interview Harbaugh. How many more updates will I have today? Sheesh.

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