Dumbest Headline Ever!

04 Jan

So I was checking my hotmail last night (yes, I still have an account!). And if you didn’t know when you log off of hotmail you are directed to I like to view the headlines because sometimes I will learn some news that is relevant or interesting to me. I don’t normally scroll down, however this evening, I move to the sports section and am blessed with the headline “Sorry, girls: Steelers QB might be getting hitched!” EXCUSE ME!!!  WHAT ARE YOU SAYING HERE MSN? My initial hope was that they were referring to Dennis Dixon but sure enough I click the link and they are talking about the Big Perv himself Ben Roethlisberger! WHAT THE WHAT?!?! I feel insulted as a woman. Even with charges dismissed (and one still pending) is Ben really a good catch that we are pining for? The answer is a big HELLS NAW (and I don’t curse often, lol)! And for those few sorry souls that might be willing to go after this man, I’m going to place them in the sad, sorry groupie pile and say a prayer for them. I understand writing a catchy headline to get web hits but this is ridiculous. Yes, it made me click but I wanted/wished it to be someone else.  I feel like I am owed an apology especially due to the trauma that was caused by the headline then once I got to the story, which is on Fox Sports, it really says nothing at all. Give women a little credit. We don’t all want/aspire/dream to be coupled with a football player. We’re not all clamoring for the star QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers even if he didn’t have his questionable history. Ok, maybe some of us like Tom Brady because he (normally) has great hair and dresses his butt off or have a thing for Darren Sharper for…well, just because. What I am saying is be more creative and don’t reduce women to something so simple. I should write a letter to MSN expressing my disgust and letting them know that most women (I wish I could say all) want nothing to do with that perverted, facially disfigured, homely, sad sap that likes to walk around with his pants around his ankles at the clubs. I will definitely pass and ladies, if you see him at the club, lounge, bar, whatever make sure you do too. Actually, I would run.

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Posted by on January 4, 2011 in Football, NFL, Robin


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