Let’s Be Honest…

02 Jan

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports

Even though a lot of stars were inactive the final week of the regular season, you still were interested in the games.

The fact that you watched the games when no-names were playing gives the NFL more ammunition toward the 18 game season.

This was probably a pretty expensive suit and he took it like a good sport.

The Big Ten does not deserve any more late season bowl games.

January 10th is far too late for the BCS “Championship” game.

After watching them in the Rose Bowl I can say comfortably TCU got SCREWED.

This pretty much sums up Carson Palmer’s performance this season:

The hockey game between the Capitals and Penguins outside under the lights was pretty cool (minus all the rain).

The University of Maryland pulled a fast one on us, hiring Randy Edsall of the University of Connecticut instead of Mike Leach.

Congrats to Coach K for win # 880 (against UNC-Greensboro…really). Don’t we expect this of him? Next.

The UConn ladies basketball team lost to Stanford ending their 90 game streak but they’ll still win it all.

Cowboys fans really shouldn’t have celebrated after beating the Eagles practice squad by one point.

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings had one of the best buzzer beater shots of 2010.

We finally can say bye bye to Brett. The Favre-opera is over!

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